Andreas or Andrew Staehli, Rev. War Vet., b. abt. 1745, s/o Jacob and Ana Eva __ (m. Anna Maria Elizabeth Margaretha __ bef. 30 Oct 1759), of, York, Pennsylvania

RELATIONSHIP: Andreas or “Andrew” Staley is now thought to be the brother of my ancestor, Peter Staley I [numbers are my designation–shb], 4th great-grandfather of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter, compiler of these notes), who married Sarah Salome ___. Their son, Peter II, was b. 28 Nov 1756, probably in Pennsylvania, d. 10 Jul 1844 in Jackson, Allen, Ohio, m. Eve____, b. 4 Sep 1765, d. 1 May 1851, Jackson, Allen, Ohio. I am also descended from their son, Peter III, b. 19 Jan 1794 in Berkeley County, Virginia, m. 26 May 1821 in Pickaway Co., Ohio, d. 24 Jun 1844. and wife, Hannah (Hall).

NAME/FATHER JACOB INSTEAD OF PETER? Website, accessed 23 Apr 2002 by shb, gives Andreas’ family group with same two wives’ names [have since decided it’s the same wife] and same three children as I had, and names the father of “Andreas ‘Andrew’ STALEY” as “Jacob STALEY,” This seems plausible, since that would make him a brother of my ancestor, Peter Staley (married Sarah Salome.) On Peter’s administrative bond in 1778, are listed four persons, including an Andrew Staley–probably my Legacy ID 24227, so Peter’s brother. –shb 25 Apr 2002, 26 Nov 2006

COUNTY HISTORY: York County was created from Lancaster County in 1741. The Susquehanna River separates the two–York on the west bank and Lancaster on the east bank. Adams County was created from York County in 1800.

BIRTH: Range 1740-1750 given for Andreas’ birth at website, so I have listed it as “Abt 1745.” –shb, 23 Apr 2002

1759, OCTOBER 30–A DAUGHTER “ANNA MARGRETH” BORN? NAMED AFTER HER MOTHER? See notes of Anna Margreth, as placed in this family, though Andreas would only have been about age fourteen (not unusual in German families). –shb 11 Nov 2006

1772–FATHER JACOB DONATES LAND TO REFORMED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN CHANCEFORD, YORK, PA: In 1772, a statement was prepared by “We, Lutheran and Reformed members of the congregation, united with one another to build a common church on Jacob Stehli’s land, which church shall remain Reformed and Lutheran so long as sun and moon exist…” (in Chanceford, York, PA), gathered, and first on the list of those ready to pledge for the chapel’s erection was “Jacob Staehly, Jr.” Since a Jacob Sr. was found in “late” condition, leaving his widow Ana Eva as a Stehli’s Church communicant, in Sep 1775, I am concluding that Jacob Sr.’s contribution to the Church was the land and Jacob, Jr. was his son (no other Jacob Stehleys in records, except as new births). Lists are given for Evangelical and Reformed, and I determined that this family were “Reformed.” –shb [Note: See notes of Jacob’s brother Stephen for documentation that Stephen donated one acre of his land, 8 Dec 1772, “for the use of the ‘Lutherien and Reformeret Congregations’.] –shb 2 Dec 2006

1772–HELPS BUILD STEHLI’S CHURCH, WITH REST OF FAMILY. “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 10: “The Register of Stehli’s (later known as St. Luke’s) Union Congregation, Chancefor Township, 1773-1835; translated by Edith Beard Cannon. [MS] lists – [1] Jacob Stehly promised L0-10-0 for the building of the church, in the year 1772; [13] Andreas Stehly promised L2.5.0 for the building of the church, in the year 1772; [14] Peter Stehly promised L1.10.0 for the building of the church, in the year 1772; [40-41] Jacob Stehly was one of the elders of the church in the years 1774 and 1775; [50] Stephen Stehli was one of the trustees of the church in the year 1785.” –shb 3 Dec 2006

1778, APRIL 26–“RETURN” NAMES “ANDREW STALEY, OF CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP,” AS A PRIVATE IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. “Stehly Report,” compiled for The Historical Society of York County, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850,” prepared in the year 1948, File 3262, copy mailed to shb, November 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 23: “XI. SERVICES IN THE REVOLUTION – 1. Andrew Staley of Chanceford Township, private in the Third Class, Eight (Captain Thomas McNary) Company, Sixth Battalion, York County Militia, according to a return of 26 Apr 1778 [footnote 1: ‘MS., Archives Division, Pennsylvania State Library; Young, H. J., York County, Pennsylvania, in the American Revolution: a Source Book, MS., Black Series, 555’].” Member of the Fifth Class of the Inhabitants of Chanceford Township, classified under an Act of Assembly passed in 1780, entitled ‘An Act to compleat the Quota of the Federal Army’; each class was ‘required to provide, in fifteen Days from this date [January 30, 1781], one able-bodied Recruit for the Continental “Army, to serve during the war,’ under penalty of a fine of L15.0.0 specie: this class found a recruit [footnote 2: ‘Class Lists, MSS., The Historical Society of York County; Young, op. cit., Black Series, 103, 106′].” [Note: This report names only 11 Staleys for service in the Revolutionary War: 1. Andrew Staley of Chanceford Township; 2. Christopher Steeley (Stehly), of Germany Twp.; 3. Jacob Stealey, of Germany Twp.; 4. Jacob, of Chanceford Twp.; 5. Jacob Staley, a York County commissioner, appointed to collect “certain supplies needed for the equipment of the army”; 6. John Stehly, of Germany Twp.; 7. Joseph Stehly, of Germany Twp.; 8. Joseph Staley, of Heidelberg Twp.; 9. Malachiah Stayley, of Newberry Twp.; 10. Peter Stayley, of Chanceford Twp., 11. Stephen Stealey, of Chanceford Twp.] –shb 2 Dec 2006

1780–ON YORK COUNTY TAX LIST, AS “ANDREW STALEY”: On-line York County documents site, referred to shb, 29 Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley. This page, indexed “Staley,” as searched 1 Dec 2006, by shb, at, lists a 1780 County of York Tax List, p. 299, that includes Acres, Negroes, Horses, Cattle, and tax assessed. Only two persons on this page of alphabetized York County residents, Hugh Ross and Joseph Reid, have two and one Negro, respectively. Others listed on this page are “Andrew Staley” [Andreas, my ID 24227–shb](150 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 20.0.0), next listed, “Widow Staley” (150, 2, 2, 12.0.0), Andrew’s mother, Jacob’s widow, Ana Eva ___), and “Stephen Stayley” (18 acres, 1 cattle, 5.2.6), Andrew’s brother–shb). Last listed on this page is a Nicholas Strayer. –shb 1 Dec 2006

1783–“ANDREW STEALY” IS TAXED, ALONG WITH HIS NEPHEWS,” JACOB STEALLY” AND “STEPHAN STEALY” (BROTHERS OF MY ANCESTOR, PETER, WHO DIED EARLIER, IN ABT. 1775).THEY WERE ALL “OF CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP,” IN YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA. “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 18: “IV Taxables of 1783 – 1. Andrew Stealy of Chanceford Township, 7 inhabitants, 1 horned cow, 1 horse, 2 sheep, valuation L10.10.0, tax L0.4.9.” The other Staleys of Chanceford taxed that year were Andrew’s nephews, brothers Stephen and Jacob: “4. Jacob Steally of Chanceford Township, land 150, 1 house, 1 outhouse, 5 inhabitants, 4 horned cattle, 3 horses, 6 sheep, valuation L121, tax L2.10.0”; and “7. Stephan Stealy of Chanceford Township, land 30, 1 house, 5 inhabitants, 3 horned cattle, 1 horse, valuation L32, tax L0.14.3.” –shb 11 Dec 2006

1784–SON PETER’S BIRTH RECORDED AT STEHLEY’S CHURCH: See notes of son Peter, RIN 24229. At first glance, I want to place Andreas as a son of Jacob and Ana Eva and brother to Jacob, since Jacob and Peter baptized children only five years apart in the same Stahley’s Church; The best dates I have are “abt. 1745” for Andreas and “Abt. 1740” for the Peter who married Sarah Salome, so Peter and Andreas could have also been brothers. Also, I merged this Andreas who m. Margaret with the Andreas on the same Church record pages, who with wife Anna Maria had some earlier children. Again, this is an assumption based on the fact that Anna Maria and wife Margaret fell right in line, with a four year spacing, and I have not found a death for Anna Maria between 1780 and 1784. –shb 9 Apr 2000 [Note: Website “cochranr/gen,” above, names Andreas the two wives Anna Maria and Margaret, but Katherine Staley, Barry Wood, and I are convinced he only had one wife, probably named “Anna Maria Margaretha.”] –shb 25 Apr 2002

MARRIAGE TO ANNA MARGRETHA: I had this marriage listed as “Bef 2 Apr 1773, of York County, Pennsylvania,” but I note it is listed on the above-mentioned website (library.ferris…) as “Abt 1783” (no place, which does not seem to fit). –shb 23 Apr 2002

[NOT ANDREAS’] SON PETER OF 1826 ESTATE SALE ADMINISTERED BY MELCHER: For a while there, I thought an 1826 estate sale in Halltown, Jefferson County, (now WV), for property of a deceased Peter Staley, as administered by a Melcher Staley, involved my ancestor, Peter (who we now think is Andreas’ brother). Thanks to careful, intense research by Katherine Staley, we now believe that this Peter, whose property (including two slaves) was being sold in 1826, in Halltown, belonged to Andreas’ son Peter, so was a first cousin of my ancestor Peter (m. Eve __). [Note:  Katherine has since refuted her earlier conclusion, as well, concluding that the Melcher who administered the 1826 estate sale was the son of Rev. War veteran, Peter Staley and his wife, Margaret Mumford, so was administering the estate of his half brother, “Peter Stailey,” son of their father Peter and his first wife, Magdalena.  I leave in Katherine’s letter for the information it provides and to demonstrate how very difficult it is to navigate Staley family research. Here is Katherine’s letter of 31 Oct 2006 (the ghosts had fun, this Halloween):

“Hi Sherlene,

“I tried to look at things your way about these Halltown Staley’s having a connection. It took me all day but finally the light came on. One of those “Can’t see the forest for the trees” kind of thing.

“Your Melchior & Peter on this sale papers, in 1826, Ha, are the sons of Andreas Staley & Anne Marie [I have her as Anna Margretha–shb] of York Co., PA.


“1. Original Land Owners of Chanceford Twp., York Co., PA.
2. “Stehli’s ” Church Records 1810 Census of Botetourt
3. 1810 Census of Berkeley Co., VA.
4. Berkeley Co , VA Tax List
5. Botetourt Tax List (time line: 1800 to 1818)
6. . Botetourt marriages

“1. Original Land owners of Chanceford Twp, York Co., PA.
Stahley, Jacob ,Stahly, Jacob, Jr. ,Stailey, Peter ,Steahley, Andrew ,Stealy, Jacob ,Stehley, Andreas ,Stehley, Peter ,Stehley, Stephen

“2. ‘Stehli’s’ Church Records
Children of Andreas & Anne Marie [Anna Margretha?–shb] Unknown:
Andreas b. 1773
John George b. 1774
Melchior b. 1780
children with 2 nd. wife Margaret Unknown
Peter b. 1784
Joseph b. 1787
Salome b. 1789

3. Berkeley Tax List
NO Staley’s of any spelling for the year 1790
No Census for 1790 or 1800

4. 1810 Census for. Jefferson, WVA. ( Berkeley Co. before abt. 1801)
Daniel 107 JFF
Jacob 89 JFF
Peter 89 JFF

No Melchior in this census
& the only Peter is the Rev. War Vet Peter b. 1753 married Margret Momson in Berkeley Co. in 1790. He applied for pension in 1833 This Peter died in 1837. Wife Margret also got a pension.

5. 1810 Census of Botetourt Co., VA.
Jacob 654 BTT
Andrew 654 BTT
Peter Jr. 654 BTT
Peter Sr. 556 BTT

6. Botetourt Tax List ( I got from from Miles, he got it from Jeff Staley)
On Tax list 1797: Jacob Staley b. abt. 1760 & Peter b. 1779 married Hannah Level (son of Jacob)
On Tax List 1798: Peter Staley b. 1766/68, Jacob b. 1760, John b. ?
On tax list 1799: Jacob b. 1760, Peter b. 1779, John b. ? (parents unknown as yet)
On tax list 1800: Peter Staley Sr. b. 1766/1768, Melchior b. 1764, & John b. ?, Peter JR. b. 1779
On Tax List 1801: Melchior b. 1764, John b. ?, Peter b.1764/68, Elizabeth (widow of Jacob b. 1760, Jacob died abt. 1800,)
On Tax List 1802: Melchior b. 1764, Melchior b. 1780, John b. ?.
On Tax List 1703: Melchior b. 1764, Melchior b. 1780, Peter b. 1766/68, Peter Jr. b. 1779 & John b. ?.
On tax list 1804: Peter b. 1766/68, Peter b. 1779, Melchior b. 1780, Andrew b. 1773 & Jacob b. 1780
(Melchior owned the land where both brothers lived in Botetourt until the 1803 sale to Peter & Eve. In 1804 Melchior sells his other land to E.Lackland, and before the tax list year date of 1804, Melchior moved to OH.)
On tax list 1805: Andrew b. 1773, Peter b. 1766/68, Jacob b. 1780, Peter Jr. b. 1779
On tax list 1806: Peter b. 1766/68, Peter b. 1779 & Jacob b. 1780 & Andrew b. 1773
On Tax List 1807: Stephen (possible son of Jacob b. 1760 & Elizabeth), Peter b. 1766/68, Jacob b.1780, Peter born 1779, Andrew b. 1773
On Tax List 1813: Melchior b. 1780, Peter b. 1766/68, Peter Jr. b. 1779, Stephen b.abt.1781 ( Ref. date from Randy Treadway sorry I don’t have newest e-mail address for him)
On Tax List 1815: Andrew b. 1773, Melcher b. 1780, Peter Sr. b. 1766/68 & Peter Jr. b. 1779 & Abraham (Peter Sr. & Eve sell out in the Fall of this year & move to OH.)
On Tax List 1816: Abraham, Melchior born 1780 & Andrew b. 1773, Jacob b. 1780, Peter b. 1779, John b. ?, ( This may be the John who was 2nd. husband to Betsey Deardorff in Highland Co., OH. This John was born abt. 1793 /1794)
On Tax List 1817: Abraham, Andrew & Melchior
On Tax List 1818 + : Only Melchior & Andrew.
7. Botetourt County Marriages:
1803: Andrew marries Nancy Brown daughter of Hugh Brown 27 June, 1803
1804 Jacob Staley b. marries Drucilla Mc Coy (Mc Kay?) 7 Oct. 1804
1809: Peter Jr. b. married Hannah Level Sept. 27, 1809
1809: Stephen Staley marries Betsey Deardorff on Oct.3, 1809.
1814: Elizabeth (daughter of Jacob deceased & sister to Margaret who married Thomas Holton. Thomas Holton testifies Elizabeth is over age 21.) She marries George Nace on Oct. 11, 1814
1815: Machel (Melchior) b. 1792, son of Peter & Eve Staley) Married Sarah Camper on Oct. 17,1815.
1816: Elizabeth Staley married Preston Thomason on May 5, 1816. (Elizabeth was the daughter of Abraham Staley.)
1820: Melchior marries Mary Wallace on April 18, 1820.
BEFORE 7 MAR 1794–DEATH: Website “Andreas “Andrew” STALEY – Died: BEF 7 MAR 1794 at Chanceford Twp., York Co., PA.” –shb 23 Apr 2002

1794, MARCH 7–ESTATE ADMINISTERED. “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 19: “VI. ADMINISTRATION BONDS – 2A, 10 – 7 Mar 1794. Estate of Andrew Stailey of Chanceford Township; Elizabeth Margaret Stailey [sic–shb], widow, and Jacob Spatz, administrators. Tenet in L100.” –shb 4 Jan 2007


4 Responses to “Andreas or Andrew Staehli, Rev. War Vet., b. abt. 1745, s/o Jacob and Ana Eva __ (m. Anna Maria Elizabeth Margaretha __ bef. 30 Oct 1759), of, York, Pennsylvania”

  1. Patty Walls Says:

    Is there any proof that the Andrew Staley born 1773 is the one who married Nancy Brown in 1803, Botetourt Co.? If true, I have a letter written by their granddaughter, Martha Agnes Staley Hamilton written 1906 that states they are her grandparents. Her father, their son, James S. Staley, is also mentioned as well as his siblings. If this is the Andrew Staley born 1773 this also proves that his brother, Melchior b. 1780,(Malachia Staley of Botetourt Co. tax lists) is my great-great grandfather who married Mary Wallace on April 18, 1820. They had about 7 children, 5 who lived to be adults. Malachi’s next wife, Elizabeth Belle Hays (marriage license in Fincastle, Botetourt Co. 23 Dec. 1842) was listed in the 1850 census as living with Malachi’s and her son, David Reese Staley, as well as living with two of Malachi;s daughters from his marriage to Mary Wallace. (Malachi must have died between the conception of David Reese and 1850 because their is no mention of him in that census). Mary must have died between the birth of her last child b. 1834 and 1840 because there is no mention in the 1840 census for a Malachi Staley having a female Mary’s age living in his household, but his children were enumerated. Martha Agnes Staley Hamilton in her letter of 1906 also stated that Malachi had a family prior to going to Botetourt Co. with six sons and one daughter. However, I have found no trace of this 1st family. Anyway, what I need to know is what I stated above, is the Andrew Staley who married Nancy Brown the Andrew born in 1773 to Andreas Stehli and Anne Marie (according to the Reformed Lutheran Church of York, PA records)?

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