Dorothea Stehli, d/o Jacob and Ana Eva __ (m. Johann Michael Kuhn or Gohn), d. aft 26 Oct 1783, of Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania

RELATIONSHIP:  Dorothea is currently believed to be the sister of Peter Staley I [numbers are my designation–shb], 4th great-grandfather of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter, compiler of these notes), who married Sarah Salome ___.  Their son, Peter II, was b. 28 Nov 1756, probably in Pennsylvania, d. 10 Jul 1844 in Jackson, Allen, Ohio, m. Eve____, b. 4 Sep 1765, d. 1 May 1851, Jackson, Allen, Ohio.  I am also descended from their son, Peter III, b. 19 Jan 1794 in Berkeley County, Virginia, m. 26 May 1821 in Pickaway Co., Ohio, d. 24 Jun 1844. and wife, Hannah (Hall).

PARENTS:  For a while I thought that Dorothea was a daughter of Jacob’s son Peter, but Katherine Staley reminds me that the record does call Anna Eva Dorothea’s daughter Magdalena’s “grandmother,” (I was thinking the clerk could have been mistaken and not known she was a great-grandmother).  Katherine refers me to p. 21 of her Stehly report (looking at the indenture for Peter Stailey [m. Sarah Salome] that “states that Peter Stailey left
to survive him, – Jacob Stailey, Melchor Stailey, Peter Stailey, Saray Stailey, the Younger, and Sarah Stailey, the widow.”  The wording does seem to leave out the possibility that Dorothea  was a child of Peter and Sarah Salome and already got her estate (my last hope).
So, I am rearranging my database to place Dorothea as a daughter of Jacob and Ana Eva, which means that when my ancestor Peter [II] was orphaned (when his father Peter died, abt. 1777), and Peter chose Michael Kuhn, Dorothea’s husband, as his guardian, he was then choosing his aunt and uncle. –shb 26 Nov 2006

1772–FATHER JACOB DONATES LAND TO REFORMED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN CHANCEFORD, YORK, PA:  In 1772, a statement was prepared by “We, Lutheran and Reformed members of the congregation, united with one another to build a common church on Jacob Stehli’s land, which church shall remain Reformed and Lutheran so long as sun and moon exist…” (in Chanceford, York, PA), gathered, and first on the list of those ready to pledge for the chapel’s erection was “Jacob Staehly, Jr.” Since a Jacob Sr. was found in “late” condition, leaving his widow Ana Eva as a Stehli’s Church communicant, in Sep 1775, I am concluding that Jacob Sr.’s contribution to the Church was the land and Jacob, Jr. was his son (no other Jacob Stehleys in records, except as new births). Lists are given for Evangelical and Reformed, and I determined that this family were “Reformed.” –shb [Note:  See notes of Jacob’s brother Stephen for documentation that Stephen donated one acre of his land, 8 Dec 1772, “for the use of the ‘Lutherien and Reformeret Congregations’.]  –shb 2 Dec 2006

ABT. 1777–BROTHER, PETER I, DIES, POSSIBLY WHILE IN REVOLUTIONARY WAR SERVICE–DOROTHEA TAKES IN FOURTEEN-YEAR OLD PETER.  According to Orphans Court papers ordered by Katherine Staley and information from them forwarded by her to shb, Peter I’s son, my ancestor Peter II, asked that Michael Kuhn, Dorothy’s husband, be his legal guardian (though no doubt Dorothea was the main one watching after the fourteen year-old).  Peter’s brother Melchior chose his paternal uncle Stephen Staley to be his guardian.  –shb 26 Nov 2006

1780–SPONSOR FOR STEHLY BAPTISM:  Dorothea and husband Michel were sponsors for the baptism of Jacob, son of Jacob Stehly and Elizabeth at Stehley’s Church, Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania.  Since Salome Staley, widow of Peter I, was sponsor for Dorothea and Michel’s daughter Salome’s baptism the following year, it is my guess that Dorothea and Michel stood, in Peter’s absence, as sponsors for the baptism of a nephew.  –shb 10 Apr 2000


1782, MARCH 24–“DOROTHEA” AND HUSBAND “MICHEL GOHN” ARE SPONSORS AT BAPTISM OF NEPHEW JOHAN GEORG GOHN/KUHN:  York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. I, Compiled and Edited by Marlene Strawsser Bates and F. Edward Wright (Westminster, Maryland:  Family Line Publications, 1991), p. 230:  “Johan Georg of Adam Gohn and Cathar., born November 9, 1781, baptized March 24, 1782.  Sponsors:  Michel Gohn and Dorothea.”  –shb 10 Apr 2000

1782, 24 MARCH, 1783–MAIDEN NAME STALEY (STEHLY, STEHLI)/GENERATION LINKED TO GRANDPARENTS THROUGH GRANDMOTHER SPONSOR:  This conclusion is based on the fact that when Johann Michel Gohn and Dorothea’s daughter Magdalena was baptized in 1783, the sponsor was “Eva Stehlissin, the grandmother.”  That same day of 24 March, Michel Gohn and Dorothea were sponsors for the baptism of Johan George of Adam Gohn (Johann Michel’s brother) and Cathar.  –shb 10 Apr 2000

1783–BIRTH/BAPTISM/PARENTS/GRANDMOTHER:  York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. I, Compiled and Edited by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright (Westminster, Maryland:  Family Line Publications, 1991), p. 231:  “Magdalena of Johann Michel and Dorothea, born September 26, 1783, baptized October 26, 1783.  Sponsors:  Ewa Stehlisin (Stehli), grandmother.”  (See notes of grandmother Ewa Stehlisin [Stehli], my Legacy ID No. 3308). –shb 10 Apr 2000

1783, OCTOBER 26–BAPTISM CONFIRMED:  From e-note by Katherine Staley to shb, 25 Nov 2006:  “Found John Michael in the Tax List of 1783 for Chanceford Twp.  He had 259 acres of land. [New paragraph, but continuing with same source, I gather–shb] p. 12, I find a Magdalena, daughter of ‘Johann Michel and Dorothea,’ baptized 26 Oct 1783 and sponsored by ‘Eva Stehliesin, the grandmother’ (Ana Eva Stehli was the widow of the late Jacob Sr. and the only other Eva Stehli of that age found on these records.”  –shb 26 Nov 2006


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  1. Jackie Main-Sorensen Says:

    My great grandfather was Francis Marion Staley and I have a photo of him with his 4 brothers and parents, including Newton. I will try to paste it in here but if it doesn’t work. You may contact me at (Jacquelyn Jo Staley Sorensen; widow of Main, now remarried and Sorensen) Well, you may call me to with your email address. 503-949-1785

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