Elizabeth Staley, d/o Peter Staley [III] and Hannah Hall, b. abt. 1829, d. Apr 1859?, m. 25 Oct 1849, Henry Charles Hall, of Lafayette, Allen, Ohio

RELATIONSHIP: Elizabeth Staley Hall is a second great-grandmother, paternal side, of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew. She was the fifth child of Peter Staley III (numbered designations mine), b. 1794, and Hannah Hall. Her father was the son of Peter Staley II, b. 1766 (m. Eve ___), of Pickaway and then Allen Counties, in Ohio. He was the son of Peter Staley I, b. abt. 1740 (m. Sarah Salome ___), of Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania, and Berkeley County, Virginia. Elizabeth married Henry Charles Hall, Sr., 25 Oct 1849, and I am descended from their fifth child and only son, namesake Henry Charles Hall, Jr., who was born only nine days before his father died. Elizabeth is also thought to have died young, so that H. C. Hall Jr. was essentially raised by his paternal grandparents, William and Clarinda (Fisher-Evick) Hall.

TO DO: On reading the above, Katherine Staley writes, 25 Jan 2007: “As to Elizabeth Staley Hall, has anyone searched marriage records for a second marriage? How about a tax list for that year? Do you think that Henry & Elizabeth both had TB? Historical Society has Lafayette newspaper, but I do not know if it is indexed or not. Might find a marriage notice for her 2nd marriage, if she did remarry, or a death notice for Henry and Elizabeth Hall. Maybe someone knows what diseases were going around at that time. Katherine” [All good tips–I think I dabbled at some of this, without success. Elizabeth certainly deserves a more concentrated effort, so thanks for the suggestions (I have since revised the 1860/1865 probate packet notes [see below], where it does seem that the packet reveals that Elizabeth Hall Staley was, by 1865 deceased (see 1860 census notes, below, where “E Haul” is listed with her children)–shb.]

NAME SPELLINGS: “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 30: “Miscellaneous Notes . . . 9. Variants of the Surname – Staehley, Staehli, Staehly, Staely, Stäheli, Stähely, Stahle, Stähle, Stahley, Stähley, Stahli, Stähli, Stählii, Stahly, Stähly, Stailey, Staily, Staley, Stäle, Staley, Stally, Ställy, Staly Stäly, Stayley, Stayly, Steahle, Steahly, Stealey, Stealley, Steally, Stealy, Stechli, Stegli, Steheli, Stehle, Stehley, Stehli, Stehly, Stele, Steley, Steli, Stelley, Stelly, Staly, Stiley, Stilly, Stehli, Stöhly.” –shb 3 Dec 2006

STALEY FAMILY TRAITS: See notes of Patricia Burke Row’s grandmother, Grace Pearl Staley (my Legacy ID No. 25684) and also of Isaiah Staley’s daughter Eve (ID 25683), along with other family descendants, to learn that the Staleys were good looking, intelligent (even “genius” level), good mathematicians, skilled woodcrafters, artistic, creative with needlework, great at sports, witty and, of course, humble! –shb 10 Jul 2000

Abt 1829–BIRTH: Elizabeth Staley’s birth is estimated by shb as 1829, because she was listed as age 21 in the 1850 Census and named as Henry Hall’s wife in the enumeration of family #461 in Jackson Township, Allen Co., Ohio. A couple of doors away, as #457, her father Peter Staley [III], aged 56, widower and farmer from Virginia, is found with son, Peter [IV], age 23. The next person listed is “Elizabeth,” aged 19, and the next, Unice, age 14. This was a source of confusion, until I realized that this Elisabeth (Brown, b. 9 Feb 1832, according to Katherine Staley) was the wife of Peter [IV] (living with his widower father) and not Elizabeth Staley Hall, my Legacy ID No. 29, daughter of Peter [III]. –shb [Note: Elizabeth’s birth is given as “1831 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio” on the ancestor list for Charles Glenn Petersen–shb.]

1835–A RELATED NEIGHBOR. William C. Hall, who was married to Elizabeth Oulrey/Ollery, had land bordering that of Peter Staley [III], according to a 1835 Pickaway County deed. –shb 22 Mar 2002 [Note: I have since learned that William C. was the brother of Peter III’s wife, Hannah Hall, both children of James A. Hall and his first wife, Keziah Kain–shb.]

1849, OCTOBER 29–ELIZABETH MARRIES HENRY C. HALL, IN ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO, AT ABOUT AGE TWENTY. Henry Hall and Elizabeth Staley were m. 25 Oct 1849 (Apr ’88 OH IGI), so at the time of the 1850 census of Jackson, Allen, Ohio, Elizabeth would have been a new bride, living near her widowed father, as the census reflects. [Note: Allen Co. Ohio Marriages 1831-1869, p. 162, copied out by Kathy Pyles and forwarded to shb, 15 May 2003: “Elizabeth Staley – Henry Hall – Oct. 25, 1849 – Andrew Craig, JP – Bk2, Pg273.” –shb 15 May 2003

MARRIAGE CONFIRMED: Marriage information courtesy of Jane (Mrs. Garth O.) Hall, who mailed shb her transcription of Allen County Ohio Marriages, Vol. 2, Film #901,412: “Page 273 – Hall, Henry – Elizabeth Staley, 25 October 1849, by Andrew Craig, J.P.” –shb 11 Jun 2004

1850 CENSUS–ELIZABETH, AGE TWENTY-ONE,  IS IN BATH TOWNSHIP, ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO, WITH HUSBAND HENRY, AGE TWENTY-THREE.  THEY DO NOT YET HAVE CHILDREN. HER ROOT FAMILY IS IN NEARBY JACKSON. See notes of Elizabeth’s father Peter Staley [III], my Legacy ID No. 50, for Jackson, Allen, Ohio 1850 Census layout. –shb 21 Mar 2002
The 1850 enumeration for the Peter Staley family in Jackson, Allen, Ohio, as posted on http://searches1.rootsweb.com/usgenweb/archive/oh/allen/census/1850/pg0257b.txt, is as follows: “Start Fragment – [I have aligned info. for ease, reading–first number is the census line, second is family number listed:

“38 456 Staley, Peter 56M Farmer 1500 Virginia [Peter III, now a widower, as Hannah died–shb]

39 456 Staley, Peter 23M Farmer Ohio [Peter IV, with wife Elizabeth Brown]

40 456 Staley, Elizabeth 1 9F Ohio [Elizabeth Brown, NOT Peter III’s daughter]

41 456 Staley, Anice [sic–shb] 14F Ohio [Eunice]

1 456 Staley, John 11M Ohio

2 456 Staley, Clammida [sic–shb] 6F Ohio

3 456 Meyer, David 22M Laborer Ohio

4 456 Bross, William 26M Laborer Ohio

5 456 Hall, Abram 38M Farmer Ohio [see ID 24392].” –shb 8 Sep 2001 [Revisited by shb, 1 Feb 2006]

[Note: See note tagged “COFFINS NEEDED,” under 1860 Census notes, below, for insight from Katherine Staley about the many sorrows Elizabeth’s son, Peter IV, and his wife, Elizabeth Brown, suffered during their early years, while they also were apparently caring for Peter’s widower father, Peter III, who died in 1854, only ten years after his father, Peter II, died–shb.]

1853–PARENTS-IN-LAW CONVEY ALLEN COUNTY LAND: (See “Indenture” notes, 1853 notes of father-in-law William Hall–Elizabeth is not mentioned in this document.) –shb 10 Sep 2003

1857–PROBATE DISTRIBUTION: In the Peter Staley probate packet #554 (date cut off) is a note: “Received fifty-five dollars and forty-five cents of Peter Staley [IV–shb], Administrator of the Estate of Peter Staley [III], deceased, in favor of Elisabeth Hall. (She left her mark.)” Additional note dated 16 Feb 1857: “Received fourteen dollars and ninety-one cents of Peter Staley Jr., Administrator of Peter Staley Sr., deceased, as guardian of Clarinda Staley, H. C. Hall.” Elizabeth’s grandfather, Peter Sr. (II, m. Eve __), died in 1844, so her brother, Peter [IV, m. Elizabeth Brown] was at this point called “Jr.,” and her father, Peter [III, m. Hannah Hall], also deceased in 1854, was referred to as “Sr.” in this accounting. –shb

1858, OCTOBER 20–HUSBAND HENRY CHARLES HALL DIES. Elizabeth refuses administration, which then goes to Isaac Staley. (See notes of husband, Henry C. for detail.) –shb 30 Jan 2006

TO DO: Where is Henry Charles Hall, Sr. buried?

BEFORE 1865–ELIZABETH DIED EARLY? Elizabeth apparently died before 1865, but after the 1860 census, not many years after husband Henry Charles Hall died, at abt. age 31, on 20 Oct 1858. [See 1860 probate packet notes by H. T. Hall, below, that say the widow Elizabeth was also deceased by 1865. My father was a very deliberate, careful researcher–I am quite certain he copied that information from the probate packet and did not insert that idea, himself, though we might wish for her death date to have been included–shb]. Her son, Henry C., my ancestor, was then taken in by his Hall grandparents, William Hall and Clarinda (Evick) Fisher, though in 1860 (see below), Henry is listed as one of five minor children under guardianship of S. G. Heath, one of Henry C. and Elizabeth (Staley) Hall’s neighbors (no relationship known). Also, Kathryn Lones Pyles wrote that Joseph Marsh is listed in a probate index as guardian of Henry C. Hall, though I have no record of Henry’s having lived there. In the 1870 Census of Jackson, Allen, Ohio (Beaver-Dam P.O.), Henry and Elizabeth’s daughter, Clarinda Hall, then age sixteen, is living with Joseph and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Staley) Marsh. –shb

TO DO: Where is Elizabeth Staley Hall buried?

1860–PROBATE/1865 SUPPORT REIMBURSED–SAYS “WIDOW ELIZABETH HALL ALSO DECEASED”: Elizabeth is listed as the wife of Henry Charles Hall, Sr. in the probate packet for Henry C. Hall, Allen Co. Ct. Hs. Pss. H. T. Hall and also the probate packet for Peter Staley (photocopy is in possession of H. T. Hall, as obtained from Allen County Ct. House). Isaac Staley was listed as administrator and S. G. Heath [m. to Mary Hadsell, with connection to as of 1850 Census–check out 1860 Census to see if she is still his wife–shb], guardian of Ester, Hannah, Clarinda, Mary Etta, and Henry Hall, minor heirs of H. C. Hall. rec’d $159.89 June 26, 1865 for 1 yr. support (Widow, Elizabeth Hall also deceased). (Notes about guardianship from H. Tracy Hall’s notes of probate records at Lima, Allen County, Ohio, Packet of Henry C. Hall, No. 951, filed 1 June 1860, by which he noted: “I copied entire packet (Xerox) at cost of $22. HTH”.) –shb

1860 CENSUS, JUNE 30–ELIZABETH “HAUL” IS NOT DEAD! E-alert from Jane (Mrs. Garth O. Hall) to shb, 30 Jan 2006: “I checked the 1860 census for “Haul” in Allen Co., Jackson Twp. and came up with this unexpected haul. Since I don’t have images, you’ll have to do that work on your own.

“Page 465
E. Haul 30 VA
C. J. ” 9 OH
H. E. ” 8 OH
C. E. ” 6 OH
M. E. ” 4 OH
H. ” 1 OH

“No telling why the census taker put VA for Elizabeth, but probably for the same reason he couldn’t write more than initials! Check the date this census was taken. It appears that Elizabeth did not die in 1859 after all.

“Jane” [Of course I did look up the HeritageQuest on-line image, same day, via Godfrey Memorial Library, and extracted this lineup:

Jackson, Allen, Ohio
Series 653, Roll 929, Page 465
Taken 30 July 1860

1112/1107 S. G. Heath 43 MW Inn Keeper 700 75 Mass.
M. 47 FW Ct.
C. E. 14 F O[hio]
A. B. 11 M O
S. G. 9 M O
D. E. 7 M O
W. L. 4 M O
J. L. 2 M O

[Note: S. G. Heath was appointed guardian of “Esther” (Clarinda Esther Hall), daughter of Henry C. Hall and wife Elizabeth (Staley, dau. of Peter [III] and Hannah Hall), on June 24, 1861, so their neighbor, Esther’s mother, Elizabeth “Haul” (see below), either died by June 24 or could not care for all her children–shb. Also, I got a note from Kathryn Lones Pyles, saying she visited the probate court in Lima, Ohio, today, and found a receipt in the Peter Staley packet to S. G. Heath, for making a coffin (Peter’s?).] –shb 30 Jan 2006

[COFFINS NEEDED: Note, in response to reading this, by Katherine Staley, to shb, 25 Jan 2007: “Thanks for sending this Sherlene, Peter’s coffin Receipt from S.G. Health” -if this receipt was dated 1861, Peter b. 1828 & Elizabeth (Brown) had four children who died all in a very short span of time (Andrew d. Aug. 20; William d. Aug 26; Nancy d. Aug 29; and James d. Sept.–alll in the year 1861. What a hardship this was. No wonder they moved West!” –shb 25 Jan 2007]

1113/1108 Lewis Marsh 29 MW Shoe Maker 1000 800 NY [Jonathan Lewis Marsh–shb]
S. 20 F O [Wife Sarah Jennings]
E. O. 9/12 F O [ Dau. Ellen Ophelia]

[Note: No doubt Lewis is connected to Joseph Marsh (m. Elizabeth or “Betsy” Staley, daughter of Peter Staley [II] and Eve ____), who was guardian of John Staley (son of Peter [III] and Hannah Hall) and a couple of children of Elizabeth “Haul,” widow of Henry C. Hall, who lives two doors down–shb.]

1114/1109 F. H. Snider 27 MW Merchant 1300 PA
H. 21 F O
F. 3/12 M O
E. 29 F O

1115/1110 E. Haul 30 F 500 560 Va [Elizabeth, widow of Henry C. Hall–shb]
C. J. 9 F O [Clarissa Jane]
H. E. 8 F O [Hannah Ellen]
C. E. 6 F O [Clarinda Esther]
M. E. 4 F O [Mary Etta]
H. 1 M O [This is our Henry C., Jr.]

1116/1111 Amos Trout? Faut? 35M Painter 75 PA and family –shb 30 Jan 2006

DID ELIZABETH REMARRY/NEIGHBOR IS AMOS HAUL OR TRAUT? Note from Roscoe J. Dearth, 31 Jan 2006, after receiving the above information, about the 1860 Census: “Next door to Elizabeth Staley Hall in the 1850 census is another person, age 35, whose name, at first glance, looks like Amos Haul. But HeritageQuest transcribes him as Amos Traut. HeritageQuest is probably right, as I don’t have an Amos Hall or Hawk of that age who lived in Allen county. Can’t find any record of an Amos Traut for that matter. But it sure makes it difficult when you you are looking for Halls whose name has been transcribed as Haul and find this. I am not impressed with HeritageQuest transcription, especially their alteration of people’s age. That’s crummy work, when you don’t report details exactly as you find them. Adjusting dates or ages based on the date of the census is a major error in genealogy.

“I still haven’t found a death-date for Elizabeth Staley Hall. Since Jane caught this in the 1860 census, I just wonder if she re-married before 1870 and her Hall children were still farmed out to relatives

“Roscoe” –shb 31 Jan 2006

1862–PRELIMINARY EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION: On Sept. 22, 1862, President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all slaves in rebel states should be free as of Jan. 1, 1863. –shb 22 Sep 2004


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  1. Cindi Says:

    Do you have information on Eve Staley Sudduth’s church in Allen County, Ohio? I understand from your blog that it was a Christian Church.

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