Elisabet Stehly, d/o Jacob and Ana Eva __? (m. Johann Peter Weyll, b. 1734), d. bef 5 Sep 1762, of, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

ABT 1760–BIRTH/WIFE IS “ELIZABETH”/DEATH ON 25 AUG 1823/BURIAL IN CHRIST REFORMED CEMETERY, UNION, ADAMS, PENNSYLVANIA. “Stehly Report,” compiled for the Historical Society of York County, Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, No. 19, “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County [Pennsylvania], Before the Year 1850, prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262, copy mailed to shb by Katherine Staley, November 2006, p. 3: “Cemetery Records in York and Adams Counties (continued) – Christ Reformed Cemetery, Union Township, Adams County (continued): . . . Lineup of Stealy’s includes 75. Sarah Elen Stealy, 3 Oct 1842 – 29 Jan 1857; 76. Infant, daughter of Joseph, born 3 Apr 1847 (only date given); 77. Infant, daughter of same [Joseph, born 16 Dec 1884 (I think this should be 1848–probably transposed–shb)] (only date given); 78. Menander [Alexander–shb], son of same, 1 Mar 1838 – 23 Aug 1840 [my ID 69369–shb]; 79. Joseph, died 25 Aug 1823, aged 63 years; 80. Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, d. 14 Aug 1812, aged 49-9-29; 81. Peter, died 5 Oct 1804; aged 20-5-4 [so b. abt. 1784–this would be the Peter who is the son of Andreas, brother of my ancestor Peter, Staley (m. Sarah Salome)–shb]; 82. John, died 19 Mar 1811; aged 60 years [my ID 69414, so b. abt. 1751–shb]; 83. Lovesa, 20 Aug 1773 – 8 Feb 1839.” [Lovesa, my ID 69413, is the last Stealy listed–shb.] –shb 8 Dec 2006

PARENTS JACOB AND ANA EVA? That Joseph is a son of Jacob and Ana Eva needs additional verification. In 1814 “Joseph Stähli” and wife “Maria” named a daughter “Salome.” Sponsor at her baptism was “Salome Stahli,” my ancestor, wife of Peter [I]. So, was Joseph naming a daughter after his brother Peter’s widow? In 1816, “Josseph Stehli” and wife “Elis. Maria” named a daughter Catharina. Sponsors for Catharina’s baptism were “Peter Stehli” and wife, “Elis. Cath.” It would seem that Catharina was named after “Elis. Cath.,” but I as yet do not know who this Peter Stehli is. Then, in 1824, “Joseph Stehly” and wife “Maria” named a daughter Mary Ann (sponsors, “The parents”). I don’t know if “Mary Ann” is the name of a relative. –shb 12 Dec 2006

1792, AUGUST 30–“JOSEPH STELEY” DEEDED LAND FROM WILLIAM DETRICH ESTATE. “Stehly Report” (see above), p. 21: “DEEDS (continued) – 2H, 285 – 30 Aug 1792. Jacob Deterich and Adam Wilhelm and his wife Elizabeth (the said Elizabeth and Jacob being legatees of William Detrich, deceased: to Joseph Steley of Germany Township: for L260: their right, title, and claim in the real estate of said William Detrich.” –shb 3 Jan 2007

1794, MARCH 19–JOHN POTTS CONVEYS LAND IN CUMBERLAND TOWNSHIP TO “JOSEPH STEALY.” (See May 2, 1796 note, below, for reference to this.) –shb 3 Jan 2007

1796, MAY 2–“JOSEPH STEALY” AND WIFE “ELIZBETH” DEED LAND CONVEYED BY JOHN POTTS, IN CUMBERLAND TOWNSHIP, TO ROBERT TOWNSLSEY. “Stehly Report” (see above), p. 21: “DEEDS (continued) – 2M, 317 – 2 May 1796. Joseph Stealy of Germany Township and Elizabeth his wife: to Robert Townsley of Cumberland Township: for L155: a tract of 56 acres, 32 perches in Cumberland Township, which John Potts on 19 Mar 1794 conveyed to Joseph Stealy.” –shb 3 Jan 2007



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