Jacob Staehlii, b. abt. 1755 (s/o Peter I and Sarah Salome __), m. Elizabeth Goering, bef 9 Mar 1779, d. abt. 1800, Botetourt, Virginia; of Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania

RELATIONSHIP/PARENTS/SIBLINGS NAMED:  Jacob Stählii (as his name is spelled in son Peter’s birth/baptism record) was a brother of my fourth great-grandfather, Peter II (m. Eve or Eva ___).  I have placed the Jacob Stehli who married Elizabeth Goering as son of my ancestors, Peter I and Sarah Salome ___, because of the 15 Jan 1791 Chanceford, York County, Pennsylvania deed, forwarded 1 Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, that names “Jacob Staley and Elizabeth his wife,” among other survivors of Peter Staley, whose wife, “Sarah Staley,” is named as widow (this is Sarah Salome).  Other survivors named are “Sarah Staley, Junior, and Melcher, who is given “power of attorney to sell two contiguous tracts of land in Chanceford . . . . of which said Peter Steley died owner.”  The 9 Dec 1791 deed for the 2nd parcel of land names Peter and Melchor “Stailey,” both of Berkeley County, Virginia (see 1791 note, below, for text of this deed).  –shb 3 Jan 2007

FATHER PETER?  That Jacob is the son of Peter is surmised from the fact that Salome, widow of Peter the elder, was sponsor for Michael and Dorothea Gohn (Kuhn?)’s daughter, Salome, baptized in Mar 1782–which makes me think Dorothea was a Stehli and named their daughter after her mother.  Later, on p. 12, I find a Magdalena, daughter of “Johann Michel and Dorothea,” baptized 26 Oct 1783 and sponsored by “Eva Stehliesin, the grandmother” (Ana Eva Stehli was the widow of the late Jacob Sr. and the only other Eva Stehli of that age found on these records.  This typist, or clerk, made a lot of spelling mistakes, which might explain the confusion in the name of Dorothea’s husband–or else there is a Mitchell family I did not notice in the records).  On p. 10, I find a “John Merchy and Barbara (I believe she is Jacob’s sister–shb), having a daughter, Margareth, with “Sara Stely, wife of the late Peter Stehly” as sponsor. –shb

According to the Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania St. Luke’s or Stahley’s Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Church records, also cited above, Michael “Kuhn” and Dorothea were sponsors when Jacob Stahly and Elisabeth baptized a son, Jacob, in 1781.  So, if Dorothea is a sponsor for Jacob’s child and Salome, widow of Peter the elder, is sponsor for Dorothea’s child, one might assume that Peter is father of Jacob, but concrete evidence is always our goal.  –shb

BIRTH/PARENTS/SIBLINGS:  “Jacob Staley, b. abt 1755, d. aft 1781, of Chanceford Tw., York Co., Pennsylvania,” is listed as son of Peter and Sarah _____ Staley and with siblings Sarah, Melchoir “Michael,” and Peter, b. 1767/1768 (this would be my ancestor who m. Eve ____), on website http://library.ferris.edu/~cochranr/gen/fam02164.htm, accessed by shb 23 Apr 2002.  –shb 23 Apr 2002  [Note:  With my questioning, Dr. Cochran discontinued this connection of Jacob as son of Peter and Sarah, saying that on additional correspondence with his contacts, he was not satisfied with their documentation.  However, York County deeds uncovered by Katherine Staley, Oct 2006, lends credence to Dr. Cochran’s posting of this connection, in my mind.]  –shb 15 Jul 2003

SAME JACOB?  See My Legacy ID No. 32858–a Jacob (m. Catharina), d. 1774, of Wight Marsh, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, had children John, Jacob, Mary, Andrew, William, and Margrent [sic–shb].  –shb 25 Apr 2002

JACOB IS BROTHER TO MELCHER AND PETER STALEY? SON JOHANES BORN IN YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA:  That Jacob is a brother of Melcher is an assumption based on a record at the same Kreutz Creek, Hellam Township, York County Trinity Reformed [Lutheran] Church that lists Jacob and “Melchior” as baptizing a child there only a year apart, in 1764 and 1765, and also the fact that their names were recorded similarly (Jacob Stäheli and Melchior Stähely).  –shb 9 Apr 2000  [Note:  This assumption seems to be backed by other research (see “BIRTH” information, above).  –shb 23 Apr 2002 [See 9 Dec 1791 note, below, in which surviving children of “Peter Stailey” are named–shb.]

KREUTZ CREEK CHURCH/COUNTY BOUNDARIES:  E-letter from Miles Staley to his cousin Jeff Staley, copied to shb, 20 Apr 2002:  “Jeff–. . . Kreutz Creek Reformed [Lutheran] Church was in Hallem township, north of Chanceford township.  Both are adjacent to present Lancaster County border.  Note:  York County was created from Lancaster County in 1741.  The Susquehanna River separates the two–York on the west bank and Lancaster on the east bank.  So, this Peter and Salome were probably on York County ground at the time.  [Paragraph]  This Peter and Salome–said to be OUR Peter by Joan Keller and, now, Sidney, may have been living in York Co. in 1766,  near that Kreutzer Creek Reformed Church, or may have been living across the river?  In any case, if they were still living in the same house (cabin) in 1768, our Abraham I would have been born probably on York Co., possibly Hallem Township, or possibly across the River in Lancaster County. Go to a good Atlas–I find the maps on PaGenWeb lousy–but the PaGenWeb York and Lancaster County pages are good on listing townships and their creations.”  –shb 23 Apr 2002

DAUGHTER CATHERINE?  It is my guess that Jacob followed the migration routes of his brothers Peter and Melchior, so may have been the Jacob who was surety for the marriage of a Cat. Staley to Thomas R. Hain, 23 Dec 1811, in Berkeley County, Virginia.  –shb

MOVED TO BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA?  Katherine Staley writes shb, 5 Nov 2006, that the “Jacob listed in Botetourt Tax list I believe is the elder brother of Peter Staley, b. 1766/68, the Jacob b. 1755 (wife Elizabeth).  Jacob died about the year 1800, but so far can’t find info on that.”  (See notes of brother Peter Staley).  –shb 7 Oct 2000, 5 Nov 2006

1775-1776–A JACOB STALEY IN REVOLUTIONARY WAR:  Photocopy of Staley research sent shb Oct 2000 by Miles E. Staley:  “Pennsylvania Archives, 5th series, Vol. 2:  Page 660.  Capt. Henry Miller’s Company, First Penna. Regt., Continental Line, Nov. 24, 1776.  Pvt. JACOB STALEY”; Continental Line, Nov. 24, 1776.  Pvt. JACOB STALEY.”

1777–A CHRISTIAN STALEY IN WAR:  See RIN 27988–of Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County.  –shb 1 Nov 2000

1778, MAY 8–ESTATE OF FATHER, “PETER STAILY” IS ADMINISTERED BY JACOB AND HIS MOTHER, THE WIDOWED SARAH SALOME.  “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. , p. 19:  “VI. ADMINISTRATION BONDS – D, 128 – 8 May 1778.  Estate of Peter Staily of York County; Sarah Staily and Jacob Staily, administrators.” [Note:  On 15 Jan 1791, some thirteen years later, Sarah and her children gave power of attorney to Sarah’s son “Melchor Staley” to “sell two contiguous tracts of land in Chancefor Township, York County, Pennsylvania.”  A previous deed of 9 Dec 1791 named widow Sarah’s sons, Melchor and Peter Stailey, “both of Berkeley County, Virginia,” as “legal representatives of the estate of Peter Stailey, late of Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, deceased. . . .”  –shb 4 Jan 2007

1780–A JACOB STALEY HAS LAND IN YORK COUNTY:  [Staleys in Phila.] 21:300 – Jacob Staley in York County, 100 acres, 1780.”  –shb

1783–WILL OF PETER KUHN/GOHN “JACOB STAHLEY” AS EXECUTOR: As posted on http://members.aol.com/ggilb10335/Keen.html, “1. Peter [child of Johannes and Magdalena Kuhn (Kien, Ceen)] – will proved June 10, 1783; exec. Jacob Stahley [married his sister Margaretha Maria], John Shuster, Jr. – Witnesses – Caspar Sheffer, Christen Sabekool, Barbara Keen. – m. Catharine. children:” [as I have listed them–shb].–shb 29 Mar 2003
Interesting that Jacob’s will was proved in 1783–year John Michael [believed to be John Michael Kuhn/Gohl–shb] has 259 acres of land there in Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania.  –shb

1783–“JACOB STEALY” AND HIS UNCLES, “STEPHAN STEALY,” AND “ANDREW STEALY” ARE TAXED IN CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP. “Stehly Report,” prepared for the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania, by Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, Number 19 – “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County Before the Year 1850, Prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262,” forwarded to shb, Nov 2006, by Katherine Staley, p. 18:  “IV Taxables of 1783 – “4. Jacob Stealy of Chanceford Township: land 150, 1 house, 1 outhouse, 5 inhabitants, 4 horned cattle, 3 horses, 6 sheep, valuation L121, tax L2.10.0”; “7. Stephan Stealy [Jacob’s brother–shb] of Chanceford Township, land 30, 1 house, 5 inhabitants, 3 horned cattle, 1 horse, valuation L32, tax L0.14.3” [If this is the Stephen who is my Legacy ID 24258, then he would have been the son of Peter, b. 1740, and the brother of my ancestor, Peter, b. 1766 (m. Eve or Eva).  Stephen’s lower tax assessment would reflect his fairly new status as a a taxpayer, as compared with his uncle Andrew–shb]; and “1. Andrew Stealy of Chanceford Township [I believe this is the Andrew, b. 1745, who is a brother to my ancestor, Peter (b. 1740, m. Sarah Salome __, both sons of Jacob and Ana Eva Stehly, so Jacob’s uncle–shb]: 7 inhabitants, 1 horned cow, 1 horse, 2 sheep, valuation L10.10.0, tax L0.4.9,” and  –shb 11 Dec 2006

1783–ONLY ONE JACOB ON TAX LIST–THE JACOB WHO IS BROTHER OF MY ANCESTOR PETER (M. SARAH SALOME ___), NOT ID NO. 3301:  From e-letter by Katherine Staley to shb, 26 Nov 2006:  “Now by 1783 tax year, Jacob (son of Peter & Sarah) is the ONLY Jacob in Chanceford Twp.

“1. Jacob Estate 1772, died before 1783.
“2. Jacob who died in 1793. This Jacob and his family all went to Berkeley County, Virginia, before the Fall of York which was about 1780. So he is not in Chanceford in 1783.”  –shb 26 Nov 2006

1791, DECEMBER 9–NAMED AS A SURVIVOR OF FATHER PETER/MOTHER, SIBLINGS NAMED:  New York County, Pennsylvania documentation found by Katherine Staley, forwarded to other Staley researchers, including shb, 27 Oct 2006:  “2. Deed Book, 2 G. Page 519 *** December 9, 1791.  Both Melcher and Peter Staley, both of Berkeley Co., VA, legal representatives of the estate of Peter Stailey, late of York County, Pennsylvania, are selling 200 + acres of land in York County, Pennsylvania.  This indenture states that Peter Stailey left to survive him: Sarah (widow), Jacob, Melcher, Peter and Sarah (daughter).”  (See notes of father, Peter Staley, for text of two deeds involving this land sale.)  –shb 28 Oct 2006

1791, JANUARY 15–DEED TEXT: “Stehly Report,” compiled for the Historical Society of York County, Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, No. 19, “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County [Pennsylvania], Before the Year 1850, prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262, copy mailed to shb by Katherine Staley, November 2006, p. 21:  “DEEDS (continued) – 2G, 140 – 15 Jan 1791.  Jacob Staley and Elizabeth his wife, Sarah Staley, Junior, and Sarah Staley, widow and relict of Peter Staley, deceased, all of Berkeley County, Virginia:  to Melchor Staley:  power of attorney to sell two contiguous tracts of land in Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1) 152 acres, 70 perches, 2) 7 acres, 37 perches, – parts of a larger tract surveyed to Henry Grove in pursuance of a warrant of resurvey divided off the same for Peter Staley 15 Aug 1771 and conveyed by the said Henry Grove and Mary his wife to Peter Staley by indenture dated 31 Aug 1771, and of which said Peter Staley died owner.”

[next deed listed]:

1791, DECEMBER 9–DEED TEXT:  “Stehly Report” (see above), p. 21: 2G, 519 – 9 Dec 1791.  Melchor Stailey and Peter Stailey, both of Berkeley County, Virginia, legal representatives of the estate of Peter Stailey, late of Chancefore Township, York County, Pennsylvania, deceased): to George Elies of Chanceford Township, farmer: for L300: the tracts as in 2G, 140.  The indenture states that Peter Stailey left to survive him, – Jacob Stailey, Melchor Stailey, Peter Stailey, Saray [sic–shb] Stailey, the Younger, and Sarah Stailey, the widow.”  –shb 3 Jan 2007

1797–ON BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA TAX LIST.  Katherine Staley outline of Berkeley and Botetourt County Staleys, forwarded to shb, 1 Nov 2006, indicates a Jacob and a Peter Staley, on the Botetourt County Tax List of 1797.  She believes this Jacob is my ID 3301 (m. Elizabeth) and was son of my ancestors, Peter and Sarah Salome __ Staley and brother of my ancestor Peter, b. 1766/68 (m. Eve ___).  Katherine believes the Peter named is the one “b. 1779, married Hannah Level (son of Jacob),” who I believe was a first cousin of my Peter (m. Eve __). –shb 4 Nov 2006

1798–ON BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA TAX LIST.  On this list are Peter Staley (thought by Katherine Staley, who forwarded this analysis, to be my Peter, b. 1766/68, m. Eve __–shb) and Jacob (Peter’s older brother, b. abt. 1755), and John (b.?).”  –shb 5 Nov 2006

1799–ON BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA TAX LIST:  Per Katherine’s outline, “Jacob (b. 1755), Peter (b. 1779), John b. ?, (parents unknown as yet).”

1800-1804–NO JACOB IS ON BOTETOURT TAX LISTS.  Staleys who are mentioned 1800-1804, as taxed in Botetourt County, are: 1800 – Peter Staley Sr. (1766/68), Melchior (b. 1764 [I had him as b. 1767, s/o Peter and Sarah Salome, and brother of Jacob and Peter–shb], and John (b.?), Peter Jr. (b. 1779, Jacob’s 1st cousin, m. Hannah Level).

AFT. 1781–DEATH:  I had “Aft 5 Sep 1764,” for Jacob’s death, but note that on website http://library.ferris.edu/~cochranr/gen/fam02164.htm, accessed 23 Apr 2002 by shb, that Jacob’s death is listed as “Aft 1781, of Chanceford Tw, York Co., PA.”  –shb 23 Apr 2002

ABT. 1800–JACOB’S DEATH, IN BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Jacob is not on the Botetourt County tax list for 1800, though he was on the three lists previous, 1797-1799.  In 1801, Elizabeth, Jacob’s widow, was taxed in Botetourt County, Virginia, along with her deceased husband’s brothers, “Melchior”(b. 1764/1767), and Peter (1766-68).  Also listed is John (b. ?). –shb


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