Sarah Stahly (d/o Peter Stehli I and Sarah Salome __), of, Berkeley, Virginia and, York, Pennsylvania

RELATIONSHIP: Sarah Stahly is a sister of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew’s paternal line fourth great-grandfather, Peter Staley II, b. 1766-1768, who married Eve or Eva ___. –shb

PARENTS: I did not know about Sarah as a daughter of Peter and Sarah Salome Staley, until I received documentation from Katherine Staley, 27 Oct 2006, to the effect that “Sarah Stailey, Junior” is named as a surviving daughter of “Peter Stailey, late of York County,” while the elder “Sarah” is named as his widow (see 9 Dec 1791 note, below). –shb 28 Oct 2006

1779, NOVEMBER 30–BROTHERS “MICHIOR STAILEY,” age 15, and “PETER STAILEY, age 14, are named as minor children of “Peter Stailey,” deceased, in York County, Pennsylvania Orphans Court. I have no birth record for Sarah, but surmise that she was by then either of age and out of the home or married. –shb 8 Nov 2006

1791, JANUARY 15–“SARAH STAILEY, JUNIOR,” IS NAMED AS A SURVIVOR OF “PETER STAILEY.” “Stehly Report,” compiled for the Historical Society of York County, Edith Beard Cannon, researcher, No. 19, “Evidences of the STEHLY Families of York County [Pennsylvania], Before the Year 1850, prepared in the Year 1948, File 3262, copy mailed to shb by Katherine Staley, November 2006, p. 21: “DEEDS (continued) – 2G, 140 – 15 Jan 1791. Jacob Staley and Elizabeth his wife, Sarah Staley, Junior, and Sarah Staley, widow and relict of Peter Staley, deceased, all of Berkeley County, Virginia: to Melchor Staley: power of attorney to sell two contiguous tracts of land in Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1) 152 acres, 70 perches, 2) 7 acres, 37 perches, – parts of a larger tract surveyed to Henry Grove in pursuance of a warrant of resurvey divided off the same for Peter Staley 15 Aug 1771 and conveyed by the said Henry Grove and Mary his wife to Peter Staley by indenture dated 31 Aug 1771, and of which said Peter Staley died owner.”

[next deed listed in this report]:

1791, DECEMBER 9–DEED TEXT: “Stehly Report” (see above), p. 21: 2G, 519 – 9 Dec 1791. Melchor Stailey and Peter Stailey, both of Berkeley County, Virginia, legal representatives of the estate of Peter Stailey, late of Chancefore Township, York County, Pennsylvania, deceased): to George Elies of Chanceford Township, farmer: for L300: the tracts as in 2G, 140. The indenture states that Peter Stailey left to survive him, – Jacob Stailey, Melchor Stailey, Peter Stailey, Saray [sic–shb] Stailey, the Younger, and Sarah Stailey, the widow.” –shb 3 Jan 2007

1791, DECEMBER 9–NAMED AS A SURVIVOR OF FATHER PETER/MOTHER, SIBLINGS NAMED/PETER AND MELCHER SELL LAND FOR PETER STAILEY ESTATE, New York County, Pennsylvania documentation found by Katherine Staley, forwarded to other Staley researchers, including shb, 27 Oct 2006: “2. Deed Book, 2 G. Page 519 *** December 9, 1791. Both Melcher and Peter Staley, both of Berkeley Co., VA, legal representatives of the estate of Peter Stailey, late of York County, Pennsylvania, are selling 200 + acres of land in York County, Pennsylvania. This indenture states that Peter Stailey left to survive him: Sarah (widow), Jacob, Melcher, Peter and Sarah (daughter).” (See notes of father, Peter Staley, for text of two deeds involving this land sale.) –shb 28 Oct 2006


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