Ewa Stehli (b.? d. aft 30 Mar 1786), d/o Peter I and Sarah Salome __, m. Johann Jacob Gohn or Kuhn, of York County, Pennsylvania

RELATIONSHIP: Ewa Staehli Gohn or Kuhn is a sister of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew’s paternal line fourth great-grandfather, Peter Staley II, b. 1766-1768, who married Eve or Eva ___. –shb

NAME: That Ewa’s maiden name is Stehli is an assumption, based on the fact that when Ewa and husband Johann Jacob Gohn baptized a daughter Margareth, the sponsor was Margaretha Stehli, wife of Stephen Stehli (it appears as though this daughter being baptized is named after her aunt or the ancestor after whom the aunt was named). –shb 11 Apr 2000

1776–CHILD EVA BAPTIZED AT STEHLEY’S CHURCH: St. Luke’s Church or Stahley’s Lutheran and Reformed Congregations, Chanceford Townshp, York County, Pennsylvania – Parish register 1773-1835 (hand-typed copy of original found at the FHL by shb Apr 2000), p. 9: “Eva, b. Jun. 8, 1776 Bapt. Aug. 23, 1776; [parents] Joh. Jacob Gohn, Eva; Sponsors Anna Margreta [first part cut off] ___gerin.” [Is this Anna Magaretha Rebstock Stehlin, Eva’s maternal great-grandmother? –shb]. –shb 17 Apr 2000

1780, MARCH 30–SPONSOR AT BAPTISM FOR CHILD OF JONAS SAUER, WIFE BARBARA: St. Luke’s or Stahley’s register (see above), p. 9: “Friedrich, b. Aug. 19, 1779, Bapt. Mar. 30, 1780; [parents] Jonas Sauer, Barbara; [sponsors] The father and Eva Gohnin.” –shb 17 Apr 2000


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