Jacob or “Old Jake” Staley (1798-1862), s/o Peter II and Eve __, m. Eunice Fisher 9 Jun 1823, in Ohio, of Berkeley County, Virginia and Allen County, Ohio

RELATIONSHIP:  “Old Jacob” or “Jake” Staley, as he was called in a few older accounts, was a brother of Peter III (m. Hannah Hall), a third great-grandfather of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter).  Jacob and Eunice are the ancestors of the wife of Dan Myers, who first referred me to Katherine Staley as source of his best information on the Staleys (Katherine’s husband is also descended from Jacob).  Dan has compiled research on the Staley lines and sent Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter) a seven page report on 8 Mar 2000, “Descendants of Peter Staley I,” tracing his descendants through Jacob and Eunice and then their son, John.  At his request, however, I defer to Katherine Staley’s descendancy information on the Staleys, since he says most of his came from her and is better researched. Katherine’s husband’s line descends from Jacob and Eunice Fisher to son John F. Staley (m. Nancy Snodgrass), to son Moses Staley (m. Sarah Elizabeth Binkley).  –shb  [Note:  The wife of Rev. John Robert Gray is also a “Fisher,” though I do not know how or if she connects to Eunice Fisher.]  –shb 29 Mar 2002  [Note:  Kathryn Lones Pyles found other descendants of Jacob and Eunice on a lineage chart submitted by Gina Colleen Staley, dau. of Russell Dale Staley, son of George Washington Staley, son of John F. Staley, son of Jacob and Eunice (see “BIRTH” tag below for Gina Colleen’s dates)–shb.]  –shb 4 Jun 2003

NAME–CALLED “OLD JACOB” IN COMMUNITY:   (Name spelled “Jacob Stayley, Sr.” in lineage report of Ned Stanley Rudy, submitted to “First Families of Allen County” and approved 5 Jul 1995.)  Family history sketches by Earsel W. Hall (see her notes, my Legacy ID No. 24947) indicate that “There were likewise three Peter Staleys of three generations living at one time in this community and the family of Jacob Sr Staley.  His son, Jacob Jr., raised Dad [William Newton Hall–shb], but no deeds were designated as Jacob Sr. or Jr. [Paragraph]  Old Jacob had a brother John Staley and a son, John, whom they called John F. (Fisher, his mothers maiden name).”  –shb 8 Sep 2003

BORN IN BOTETOURT, VIRGINIA?  Mildred D. Staley, entry to “First Families of Allen County, Ohio,” lists her ancestry, including Jacob Staley, Sr., son of Peter and Eve, and father of her ancestor, John F. Staley.  She says of Jacob Sr. that he was “born September 29, 1798 [I had his birth as 15 Sep 1798–shb], at BOTETOURT, Virginia. Previous to this, I had never seen an account that gave other than Berkeley County, Virginia, as Jacob Sr.’s place of birth, so I wish I knew her source for this particular information. General sources that she listed for all her descendancy were History of Allen County, Charles C. Miller, editor (Chicago:  Richmond and Arnold, 1906), p. 451; A description of Jacob Staley, Jr., which includes his birth on the Jackson Township homestead on September 11, 1839 and states that Jacob Sr. and Peter Sr. had come to Allen County before this date; Original Land Entries of Allen County, Ohio, compiled by Peggie Seitz James (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Edward-Brothers, Inc., 1971), p. 119; Jacob Staley purchased Sec. East 1/2, North-East l/1 in Allen County, April 30, 1832; History of Allen County, Ohio, by the Allen County Historical Society (Chicago:  Warner Beers & Co., 1885), p. 234.”  –shb 18 Jun 2003  [Note:  I see that on the Charles Glenn Petersen website, he also gives Jacob’s place of birth as “Botetourt County, Virginia,” but I have not seen his documentation for this–I had his birth place as “Berkeley County, in Virginia”–shb.]

FAMILY HISTORY:  See article, “A Missionary, An Indian, and a Hill:  Their Story,” text typed in full in notes of Deborah, the Indian Princess, ID 24389.  –shb 29 Mar 2002

CONNECTIONS WITH ONTARIO CANADA?  Ontario Gen Web page lists Ontario surnames, including:

“Surname: Staley
Time Period: 1784+
Area of Ontario: Dundas County (Matilda), Frontenac, Hastings & Durham Counties
Submittor: Tina Gemmell
[her e-mail address in Jacob’s blind file–shb]  click here for e-mail box
WebPage: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~gemmell/ ”  –shb 18 Jul 2002  [Note:  I wrote her, 18 Jul 2002, asking for more information about Ontario Staleys–shb.]

1798–BIRTH:  I had calculated Jacob’s birth as 1798, but the full date and county in Virginia was provided by Katherine Staley, per “Descendants’ of Staley” Report sent shb Mar 2000.  –shb 14 Apr 2000  [Another family account found at the Lima, Ohio Historical Society/Museum by Kathryn Lones Pyles, sent shb 3 Jun 2003, gives a Staley lineage provided by Gina Colleen Staley, a descendant of Peter and Eve.  Kathy said this was part of a “stack of papers which looked like they were done for a church group or school project, where each child filled out their lineage.”  In her lineage, Gina Colleen reports:  “The said John F. Staley was the son of Jacob Staley Sr., born on 1800 at Virginia, died on Oct. 30, 1862 at Lafayette, Allen County, Ohio, and Eunice Fisher, his wife, born 1801 at Virginia, died on July 7, 1887, Lafayette, Allen County, Ohio, married on June 9, 1823.”  No sources are given for this information, but it fits the dates I had for Jacob and Eunice, except for Jacob’s birth, where I have the date as 15 Sep 1798.] –shb 4 Jun 2003

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION/RELIGIOUS, COMMUNITY ACTIVITY:  “Jacob was described in the ‘Allen Co. History’ book as tall and having a slim build. . . It was stated that he voted with the Whig and Republican parties and that he was a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church”  (Katherine Staley, “Descendants of Peter Staley 1767-1999,” sent shb 16 Mar 2000.  –shb 29 Apr 2000

1812–Jacob was a volunteer in the War of 1812 (per Katherine Staley report).  –shb 14 Apr 2000

1823, JUNE 9–MARRIAGE TO EUNICE FISHER, PICKAWAY COUNTY, OHIO:  Their first two children, Eve and Elizabeth, were born in Pickaway County, and later children were born in Allen County, Ohio (per Katherine Staley, “Descendants of Peter Staley 1767-1999, p. 4,” sent shb 16 Mar 2000.  I had that they were married in Allen County; Katherine Staley supplied the town, Lima, but for some reason I later changed the place to Pickaway County, Ohio–need to check this out!  –shb 29 Apr 2000 [Note:  Biographical sketch of son Jacob Reuben says:  “Jacob Staley, Sr. was born in 1800 and was married in his native state [earlier described as Virginia–shb] before coming with his parents and family to Ohio.”  –shb 21 Jul 2003

1830–LIVED IN CABIN THAT WAS ONCE REV. GEORGE MITCHELL’S MCKEE HILL HOME, NOW IN JACKSON, ALLEN, OHIO:  Read notes of Deborah (ID 24389), Rev. Mitchell’s Native American granddaughter, for story of how Jacob & Eunice planted an evergreen tree that is still standing and how they watered it by throwing used dishwater out the window of this cabin.  –shb 29 Mar 2002

1830–MOVED FAMILY TO ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO:  See biographical sketch of daughter Eve’s husband Robert Watt, ID 22853:  “His wife [Eve Staley] was born in Pickaway County, in the year 1827, and when three years old, she was brought to this county by her parents, Jacob and Eunice Staley.”  –shb 9 Jun 2003

CHILDREN–A LOST SON?  If the 1830 census is accurate and birth dates we have for Jacob’s children are correct, we might look for another son under age 5 in 1830.  Children of Jacob and Eunice, as listed in Katherine Staley’s “Descendants of Peter Staley 1767- 1999,” sent shb 16 Mar 2000, are:  Eve, Elizabeth, Jemima, John F., Eunice, Jacob Jr., and Hannah.  –shb 21 Apr 2000 [Note:  These same seven children are listed as children of Jacob and Eunice Staley in a biographical sketch of daughter Eve’s husband Robert Watt, ID 22853–shb.]  See also article, “A Missionary, An Indian, and a Hill:  Their Story from the writings of Earsel W. Hall and Frank Hackman,” as published by the Allen County Historical Society in their “Allen County Reporter,” article. This article was compiled by editor of the Reporter, Anna B. Selfridge, in Vol. LII, No. 1, 1996, who authorized my typing the text and possibly publishing it (without the original article’s photographs), as now placed by me in notes of granddaughter Deborah, ID 24389.  Page 17 gives the children of Jacob and Eunice Staley, as follows:  “The Staleys, who actually ‘took out’ land on which Rev. Mitchell’s mission was situated, had the following children:  Elizabeth (m. John McCluer), Eve (m. Robert Watt, son of Deborah’s daughter Olive and her husband Samuel), Jemima (m. John Boyd), John F. (m 1. Nancy Snodgrass, and m 2.  Hannah Broseus), Eunice (see below), Jacob Jr. (see below), and Hannah (m. Thomas Watt, brother of Robert).”  –shb 29 Mar 2002

CHILDREN:  Delight Heckelman found a Staley data sheet in a public library, while she was visiting in the Lima, Ohio area and mailed a copy to shb, Oct. 2002:  This sheet listed children for Peter [and Eve] Staley, Jacob [and Eunice] Staley, and for both wives of John F. Staley.  The item regarding Jacob reads as follows:  “Jacob Staley and wife, children:  Betty (Grant), Eva (Watt), John, Jemima (Boyd), Eunice (Hall), Jacob, and Hannah (Mrs. Thomas Watt).”  [For rest of detail on this sheet see notes of John F. Staley, ID 650.]  –shb 30 Oct 2002

1830 CENSUS:  Pickaway County, Ohio (Roll 178, searched by shb 7 Apr 2000, HBLL, BYU), Census p. 85:  After Darbyville listings are totalled, comes this listing:  William Hall [ID 7434, who m. 1) Sarah Francis and 2) Barbara West (1 male aged 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50), James R. Hulse, Thomas Renick [Evick?–shb], Rachel Davis, Geo. Cochran, Philip Groves, Jacob Staley [ID 646, m. Eunice Fisher, dau. John Fisher–shb] (1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, 2 females 20-30), William Suddith [?], John Foresman (later) John Fisher Sr. [ID 24382, father of Eunice?–shb], (later) Richard Hall [ID 24399, son of Anthony and Mary/Polly Ward Hall who m. Margaret Boyd–shb].  See notes of Joseph Hall, ID 7353, and Clarinda Evick, ID 49, for more detail about this census.  –shb 21 Apr 2000

1832–BROUGHT DAUGHTER EVA, AT AGE SEVEN, TO ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO:  Biographical sketch of Jacob’s son-in-law (Eva’s husband) Robert Watt (see his notes):  “In his 20th year Mr. Watt was married to Eva Staley, who was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, May 13, 1825, and came here with her parents when seven years of age.  She is a daughter of Jacob and Eunice (Fisher) Staley, natives of Virginia.”  –shb 13 Jun 2004

1832–BOUGHT ALLEN COUNTY LAND FIRST DAY OF OPENING/FATHER, BROTHERS JOIN HIM:  Original Land Entries of Allen County, Ohio, Compiled by Peggy Seitz James (Ann Arbor, Michigan:  Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1971), p. 119, indicates that Jacob bought land in Allen County the first day the land opened for purchase, which I summarize as follows:  STALEY, Jacob – Allen Co. O – E 1/2 NE 1/4 – 30 Apr 1832 (Section 20).  He bought the first land in his Section and others who followed there are John Swain Jr., Thomas Nash, John Aiken, Asa Merrill, and John Aikens.  That same day of 30 Apr 1832 his father Peter Staley Senior bought land in Section 21, as did Joseph Hall, Jacob’s brother in law (m. Jacob’s sister Sarah or Sally). Nearly a year later Jacob’s brother John (ID 653) bought land 10 Apr 1833 in Section 21, as did their brother Melcher (ID 24120, m. Sarah or Sally Camper, of Logan Co. Ohio) four months later, on 10 Aug 1833.  Katherine Staley, “Descendants of Peter Staley 1767-1999,” sent shb 16 Mar 2000, p. 4:  “He [Jacob] bought the original land purchase of 80 acres in section 20, recorded in 1832.  The family first occupied a squatter’s cabin abandoned by Rev. Mitchell.  A Mission House was also on the site, both [structures] built by Alexander McKee (British Indian Agent) and the local Shawnee Indians. . . Over time, he acquired a total of 160 acres. . . He willed his lands to his son, Jacob Jr.”  (Mrs. Staley’s references:  Pickaway Co., Ohio marriages, Ohio census, History of Allen Co., Ohio book, Allen Co., Ohio courthouse records, Allen Co. cemetery records, and personal remembrances of the Staley family by Ersel Hall, descendant [and genealogist] of Jacob’s wife Olive Hall). –shb 28 Apr 2000

1832 ORIGINAL LAND DEED TRACED BY DESCENDANT EARSEL HALL:  “First Families of Allen County” entry by Winona Hall and compiled for her by her sister, local historian Earsel Waneta Hall, includes a lineage of the original deed owned by “Old Jacob” Staley to his descendants, as follows [rearranging a bit for clarity, but not changing text–I’m starting with her end, explanatory note–shb]:  “This deed check takes in the entire N. E. Q. once belonging to Jacob Staley Sr., then to Jacob Jr. & Robert Watt, then belonging to William N. & Nettie Hall & Miles Watt, now belonging to Earsel Hall & Winona [Hall, her sister–shb] and [Winona’s husband] James McCord, and Richard Ackerman & the Foxes, and Jo Phillip Shafer.  S 1/2 and N 1/2 of the N. E. Q.”

[Now returning to start of her deed trace–shb]:  At top left is a diagram of a square divided down the middle into two side-by-side rectangles, illustrating that the first rectangle (on the west) “A” was Staley land and the second rectangle (on the east) “B” was Swain land.  “Deed transactions of the original Jacob Staley Farm with [?–can’t read this word–shb] 160 acres from 1832 to the present time.  A. # 106 McCord & Hall.  E. A B lying north & south is 80 acres each.  In [?] 1832 & 1836 layed [sic–shb] out.  Another diagram I do not quite understand–looks like the previous two rectangles, lying on their side, one above the other–has note:  “Hall-McCord A., Ackerman B. (with arrows pointing to the South areas – 1976 Jackson Twp.”

“JACOB STALEY SR. AND JACOB STALEY JR., Jackson Twp. – STATE OF OHIO to JACOB STALEY, SR. JULY 12, 1832 [A note in the left column says “It’s mixed up–complicated–farmer’s [?] __ [can’t read] is Ackerman.”]
A.  E 1/2 of the N. E. Q. Sec 26 80 acres $100. Along Ottawa river running [“1st house” inserted above, here–shb] north & south.

B.  State of Ohio to John Swain Jr. etc. [?] – 2nd house.
Thomas Russell & Louise to Jacob Sr. Staley, June 1, 1841 and Horace Gilbert & Sarah to Jacob Staley May 21 1853–the S 1/2 and N 1/2 of the West 1/2 of N. E. Q. respectively, 40 acres each, comprising the 80 acres above.  See other side for the details.  This 160 acres is what Jacob Sr. Staley owned at this death Oct 30, 1862.

A 1. Dixon Grant & Eliz. [dau. of “Old Jake”–shb] to Jacob Staley Jr., Mar 10, 1863 und. 1/7 of N. E. Q. Sec 20-23a.

B 1. John F. Staley [son of “Old Jake”–shb] to Jacob Staley Jr. Apr. 13, 1863 und 1/7 N. E. Q. 23a. Sec 20

A.  Jacob Staley Jr. to Eliz Grant & Dixon 1/7 med.
Jacob Staley Jr. to John F. Staley – 1/7 und. [bracket connecting these two entries says “same as above”–shb]

C1. Eunice Staley [wife of “Old Jake”–shb] June 22 1863 – S 1/2 of N. E. Q. 80 acres Sec 20.
[A line separates what is above and that coming–shb]

A 2. Eunice Staley to Robert Watt [mother, wife of “Old Jake” to son] June 22 1863 – N. Pt of N. E. Q. Sec 20, 19 Acres

C 2. Eunice Staley [wife of “Old Jake”–shb] to Henry Hall [son of Joseph W. Hall & Mary Marsh, Joseph the son of Anthony who m. Mary/Polly Ward–shb] June 22 1863 – Central part of N 1/2 21 by 160 rds – 21 acres.


D 2. Eunice Staley to John Boyd [her son-in-law who m. Jemima–shb] June 22 1863, N. E. Q. – South side of N 1/2 (along Jacob Jr.) 21 acres.

All B went to Robert Watt Mar. 29 1864, except Robert Watt’s share.

[Page 2 of Deed search]

Robert Lucas John Swain Jr. – $100.
for State of Ohio to John Swain Jr. May 14 1836 West 1/2 of N. E. Q. 80 acres which Napoleon road bicepts.  Section 20 Jackson Twp.

[These next two entries/paragraphs are joined by brackets, with the description “S 1/2 of W 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sec 20.”

John Swain Jr. to Thomas J. Russel Jan. 16 1839.  S. 1/2 of West 1/2 of N. E. Q. containing 40 acres $200. Sec. 20.

Thomas J. Russel and Louise to Jacob Staley Sr. June 1, 1941, S. W. 1/4 (S 1/2 of W 1/2) same as above, of N. E. Q. – 40 acres Section 20

[Next three entries/paragraphs are joined by brackets, with the description “N 1/2 of W 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sec 20”

John Swain Jr. to Ezekial and John W. Hubbell Jan. 18 1839.  N 1/2 of W 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sec 20 – containing 40 acres.

Ezekial Hubbell & Eunice to Horace Gilbert June 8 1843, N 1/2 of W 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sec 20 – 40 acres.  Same as above.

Horace Gilbert [son of Josiah & Chloe] and Sarah [Wood, dau. of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Savage] to Jacob Staley Sr. [“Old Jake”–shb] May 21, 1853 NW 1/4 (N 1/2 of W 1/2) of N. E. Q. Section 20 40 acres. Same as above.

[Note below bracketed items]:
Transferred to other side

[Page 3 of Deed search]

Deed for to sign rights out of 160 acres.

John Boyd & Jemima [“Old Jake’s” daughter–shb], Robert Watt & Eve [“Old Jacob’s” daughter–shb], Thomas Watt and Hannah, Henry Hall [son of Joseph, son of Anthony and Mary/Polly Ward–shb] and Eunice [Staley, “Old Jacob’s” daughter–shb], Jacob Staley [Jacob Reuben, “Old Jake’s” son–shb] and Olive [Hall, dau. of Wm. M. Hall and Lydia G. Walton, Wm. M. the son of Anthony Hall and Mary/Polly Ward–shb] to Eunice Staley [dau. of “Old Jacob”–shb] June 22 1863. 160a. N. E. Q Sec. 20

Dixon Grant & Eliz and John F.’s names are missing, having deeded their shares to Jacob Jr. Staley.

Eunice Staley to Jacob Staley Jr. Oct 10 1884 – S. /12 of N. E. Q. Section 20 80 acres to connect descriptions – the 3rd house at the extreme west end–Hall Earsel, over 100 yrs old, almost original.

By Will 1918 – April or May – Jacob Staley Jr. to William Newton Hall S 1/2 of N E. Q. Section 20, 80 acres Jackson Twp.

William N. Hall to Nettie C. Hall the undiv 1/2 of the S 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sec 20 1942.

Nettie C. Hall & William N. Hall to Winona Hall.  All that part lying west of Napoleon rd in SW 1/2 of W 1/2 of S 1/2 of N. E. Q. Sept 12, 1942.

Winona Hall to Earsel W. Hall – same as above Nov 18 1950.

Earsel W. Hall to Winona Hall Dec 1974 Same as above.

Earsel W. Hall to Winona Hall Dec 1974.  Same as above.

William N. Hall to Earsel W. Hall Nov 15, 1963 – S 1/2 of S 1/2 of S 1/2 of N. E. Q. – 17 acres.

William N. Hall to Winona G. McCord Nov 15 1963 0 N 1/2 of S 1/2 of S 1/2 of N E Q 17.5 – Sec. 20.

[Page 4 of Deed search–shb]

William Hall to Winona G. McCord – 1 acre on Napoleon Rd. about 1952 – 4th house on the place.  There have been only 3 deaths and 1 birth in my Home–the old house since it was built in 1873.

William N. Hall to Winona G. McCord date? somewhere around 1964 – N 1/2 of S 1/2 N. E. Q. 34.5 acres.  As it stands now.
[A line divides this part from next]:

Robert Watt to William H. Watt – N 1/2 of N. E. Q. 80 acres.
William H. Watt to Milo Watt N. 1/2 of N. E. Q. 80 acres excepting a small triangle west of Napoleon rd sometime sold or transferred to Cloores, later to Leon Inskeep & the Clyde Foxes to Phill & John [?] Shaffer.

Milo Watt at his death 1952 to Ura Watt – same as above.

Ura Watt to Richard Ackerman about N 1/2 of N. E. Q. 1970 same as above.”  [This is end, except for endnote that I placed at the beginning–shb.]  –shb 19 Feb 2004

1833–ON JACKSON, ALLEN, OHIO TAX LIST.  See 1833 notes of Peter Staley, ID 459, for entire list of those taxed that year in Jackson Township, including Jacob Staley and his father, Peter Staley.  –shb 12 Aug 2003

1834–ON JACKSON TOWNSHIP, ALLEN, OHIO ASSESSMENT ROLL:  Information forwarded to shb by Kathryn Lones Pyles, 29 Sep 2003:  “The following assessment roll made in 1834 by Samuel Black, Auditor of Allen County is selected for the reason that it is the oldest record of assessments which Auditor Poling was able to discover among the old books in his office.

“JACKSON 1834 [full caps mine–shb]:
“Alex Allison, Mathew Allison, Jacob Bresler, George Balsinger, George Barber, Hector Carlisle, John Carlisle, John Claybaugh, James Carter, Chancey Curtiss, Jacob Elder, Eyre Edgecomb, Urich Edgecomb, Jeremiah Evans, Tethro Fisher, Silas Faurot, Jacob Hawk, Anthony Hall, Richard Hall, Joseph Hall, James Hall, James W Hall, John Jamieson, Samuel Jamieson, Elijah Jones, Samuel McCafferty, Benjamin Meek, Joseph Mash, Samuel McClure, Moses McClure, George May, William Neeley, Elizabeth Neeley, Thomas Nash, Silas Osman, Enos Paulin, Samuel Patterson, James Prosser, John Robinson, William Rumbaugh, David Rumbaugh, William Reese, William Roberts, J. Rumbaugh, James Rumbaugh, William Raines, John Staley, JACOB STALEY, Peter Staley Jr, Melchoir Staley, Peter Staley, Robert Snodgrass, David Sasseton, Lemuel Tucker, William Watt, James Watt, Adam White, Tobias Woods, Samuel Watt, Joseph G Walton, Daniel Woolett, Abram Ward, William Ward, John B Walton, Joseph Ward, Phillip Woolett, George White.

“The assessed value of lands in Jackson in 1834 was $472, one steam-mill valued at $160, value of personal property $3,800. Total tax levied$57.53.”  (Source: History of Allen County Ohio, Chicago:Warner, Beer & Co., 1885, Pages 233-234; Jackson Township Assessment Role of 1834, Wapakoneta Public Library, Wapakoneta Ohio.) –shb 29 Sep 2003

1840 CENSUS: 1840 Census charted, as compiled by H. Maxine (Gossett) Leis Computer Data Processing and Printed by Ronald Hanthorn, Donated to The Allen Co Genealogy Society, OGS 620 West Market St., Lima, OH, copyrighted 1998, Property of Auglaize Co Genealogical Society Wapakoneta Library, copied out by Kathryn Lones Pyles, sent shb Jan 2004:  Jacob Staley, head of household, with 1 male under age 5 (Jacob Reuben, b. 1839), 1 male aged 5-10 (John Fisher, b. 1833, age 7), 1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5 (Eunice, b. 1835), 1 female 5-10 (Jemima, b. 1830, age 10), 2 females 10-15 (Eve, b. 1827, age 13, and Elizabeth or “Betty,” b. 1825, age 15), and 1 female 40-50 (Eunice, b. 1801, age 39).  Sequence of neighbors listed is Asa Merrill, Thomas Nash, JACOB STALEY, William Hall (ID 48), James F. Hall (ID 7314), Peter Staley Jr. (ID 50), Jethro Fisher (ID 24291), Peter Staley Sr. (ID 459), Joseph Hall (ID 7353), John Clabaugh, Wm. Akerman (ID 23108), Joshua Swain, David Spencer, John Swain, Melchior Staley (1 male 20-30, 1 male 40-50), 2 females 15-20,1 female 50-60)–I think this is Jacob’s brother, Henry Greenwalt, John Webster, Foster Hubble, G. H. Hubble (later) John Staley (1 male under 5), 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40), Bernd Weyer, Christian Dobson, John M. Wilson, David Hughes?, Anthony Hall (1 male 20-30, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30), Joseph W? Hall (1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30), Franklin Dickensen?, (can’t read two), Thomas Hall (1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30.”  –shb 17 Apr 2000

1850 CENSUS, Jackson Township, Allen, Ohio (Roll #657, searched by shb, at the National Archives, Bayonne, New Jersey):  Jacob is listed as living not far from Peter Staley Sr., our ancestor, who would be four years Jacob’s senior.  Since we know Peter Sr.’s father was named Jacob, it seems likely that Jacob could be Peter’s brother.  Peter’s wife Hannah died in 1844, with no daughter named Hannah, to our knowledge. Jacob lists a daughter, Hannah, age 7, in the 1850 census (b. 1843).  Could this possibly be Hannah Hall Staley’s daughter?  (Perhaps she died after childbirth).  Right next door to Jacob Staley and this Hannah, age 7, live Anthony Hall 71 M and Deborah, 61F–Parents of Hannah Hall Staley watching over their “orphaned” granddaughter?  The Census reads (at a revisit, Roll 657, Harold B. Lee Library, BYU, 7 Apr 2000):  Family # 465 Jacob Staly, 52M, Farmer 2000 [acres], [born in] VA; Unice [Fisher–shb] 49F, OH; John Staly 18M Labourer, OH __ 1 __; Unice Staly 14F, OH __ 1 __; Jacob 10M, OH __ 1 __; Hannah 7F OH __ 1 __.”  –shb

This 1850 Jackson, Allen, Ohio Census is transcribed and posted on http://searches1.rootsweb.com/usgenweb/archi es/oh/allen/census/1850/pg0257b.txt, as follows:  “Start Fragment – Nash, Sarah, 12 F, Ohio; [next line] 10 – 465 Staley, Jacob, 52, M, Farmer, 2,000 Virginia; 11 465 Staley, Anice [sic–shb], 49 F, Ohio; 12 465 Staley, John 18 M Laborer, Ohio; 13 465 Staley, Anice 14 F, Ohio; 14 465 Staley, Jacob 10 M, Ohio; 15 465 Staley, Hannah 7 F, Ohio; 16 466 Hall, Anthony, 71 M, Farmer, 1,600, Virginia; 17 466 Hall, Deborah, 61 F, Vermont; 18 467 Watt, Robert, 21 M, Farmer 300, Ohio; 19 467 Watt, Eve [daughter of Jacob and Euniceor Anice–shb], 21 F, Ohio; 20 467 Watt, Oliva 3/12 F, Ohio; 21 468, Jameson, William 24 M, Farmer, Ohio – End Fragment..”  –shb 8 Sep 2001

1855–APPOINTED GUARDIAN:  That the family looked to Jacob for family care is evidenced by the fact that after the death of Peter Staley Jr. [about ten years after his wife Hannah Hall died], Jacob Staley, brother of Peter, was appointed guardian of Peter and Hannah’s child, William.  In December of 1855, when the appointment took place, William would have been about twelve years old–if William’s mother Hannah died in childbirth and the Hannah Staley living in Jacob’s family was that child.  –shb  [Note:  Katherine Staley, on seeing this note,  corrects me in this:  “Sherlene, In reference to your last note about 1855 Guardianship of William Staley, I believe this  William is the son of William and & Eliza Whitehearst, William b. about 1844, as in:
Peter & Eve>Peter & Hannah>William & Eliza>William b. 1844.”  [Thanks to Katherine–in looking at my notes for William, b. 1844, Katherine told me this earlier, but I failed to correct this note for Jacob Sr., so appreciate the reminder–shb.]  –shb 20 Feb 2004

1860 CENSUS:  Jackson, Allen, Ohio:  #1026, J. Staley, 62M; N 59 f; J 21M; H 17f.  Neighbors are #1025 Westley [?] Ransbottom, and #1027, J. W. Hall, 24M; C 23f [no children].  –shb 4 Feb 2002

WILL:  E-letter to shb of 30 Mar 2002 from Katherine Staley:  “Jacob Staley left his land to  Jacob Staley Jr. and Olive E. (Hall).  Jacob had no children and so willed the land to Olive’s nephew William Newton Hall, Earsel W. Hall’s father.”  –shb 1 Apr 2002

SHROPSHIRE SHEEP RAISED BY JACOB AND WILLED TO JACOB JR., THEN TO WILLIAM NEWTON:  See notes of W. N. Hall’s daughter Miss Earsel Hall, shepherdess of the continuing Staley flock, RIN 24947, for article in the December 31, 1952 “Lima News” (Vol. 68, No. 360, Section L, which sold for five cents) about the history of these sheep.  –shb 3 May 2002

1862–DEATH OF EMPHYSEMA:  Cause of death, at age 64, of emphysema, date (30 Oct 1862), and place, per Katherine Staley’s Descendants’ Report of Mar 2000.  [Note:  Prior to this, I had Jacob’s death place listed as “Jackson, Allen, Ohio,” but other family sources list it as “Lafayette.” Kathy Pyles once explained to me that Lafayette is a town within the boundaries of Jackson Township, so it is probably both.  –shb 14 Apr 2000

IN CIVIL WAR?  Two Jacob Staleys are indexed as Civil War Staleys, information forwarded to shb by Jane (Mrs. Garth O. Hall, 14 Sep 2004:  She thought the latter might refer to “Old Jacob,” but if he were ill with emphesema, he perhaps never made it to action.  Who, then, are these two Jacob Fishers?

“Jacob Fisher – Pvt., Co. D, 30th Ohio Infantry
“Jacob Fisher – Wagoner, Co. F, 30th Ohio Infantry  –shb 14 Sep 2004

BURIAL:  Per Katherine Staley, both Jacob and Eunice are buried in Old Lafayette cemetery, Jackson Twp., Allen Co., Ohio.  –shb 29 Apr 2000

GRAVE LOCATIONS:   A map of the Old Section, Lafayette Cemetery, as posted on the internet, was reconfigured by Jane Hall by row, so we can see the location of graves, by family.  Jacob and Eunice are buried at the end of row 6, after Nash, Weyer, Sager, and Gilbert graves.  Just before the graves of Jacob and Eunice are those of Chloe (Barnard) and Josiah Gilbert.  According to a report published by the Allen County Historical Society (mentioned above), Josiah was a not-blood brother of Deborah Arvilla Gilbert Walton Hall, the “Indian Princess,” who was adopted in Canada by Moses Gilbert and Lydia Mallery, Josiah’s parents.  Deborah was the second wife of Anthony Hall, son of our ancestors Anthony Hall and Rachel Simmons.  Jacob and Eunice lived in the cabin in Jackson, Allen, Ohio that was once inhabited by Rev. Mitchell, whose first wife, according to this report, was Native American and died when their daughter,. Montaignaia, was born.  Montaignaia then married an Allen County Shawnee Chief named “PHT,” and their daughter was Deborah Arvilla, who was orphaned in her early childhood. According to this report, Rev. Mitchell adopted out Deborah to a family. who then placed her with the Gilberts in Canada.  Deborah married Joseph G. Walton in Canada, but they moved to Allen County, and after Walton died, Deborah married Anthony Hall.  That Jacob and Eunice (Fisher)more or less inherited Mitchell’s cabin might imply some sort of connections with Eunice or Jacob, though I know of no blood relationship that would merit the burial of Jacob and Eunice as last in the row with the Sager family.  –shb 27 Oct 2002

DEATH RECORD:  Details recorded on the map of Lafayette Cemetery, referred to above, read:  “STALEY, Jacob [died] 30 Oct 1862 [age] 64 [years] 1 [month] 15 [days], [row] 6 [stone] 10.”  Next to him is wife Eunice:  “STALEY, Eunice [died] 7 Jul 1887 [age] 86 [years] 1 [month] 1 [day], [row] 6, [stone] 11.”  [End of row].  [Note:  Applying this information to my computer date tool calculates Jacob’s birth as 15 Sep 1798–shb.]  –shb 27 Oct 2002


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  1. robert w.staley Says:

    marrah e.staley

  2. Joanna Roof Klingenberger Says:

    I am from the Dixon Grant line. Have not published my info as I have living persons on it but would share information with descendents of this line.

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