About Sherlene Hall Bartholomew

I am, best of all, wife of Dan, and a mother and grandmother. I am grateful to be an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogy is for me a “magnificent obsession,” as well as a religious imperative. I hope that posting some of my research here will benefit other family researchers, invite correspondence, and help avoid research duplication.

Reader comments and corrections are invited. Any additional research or information about ancestors and relatives posted here is welcome and will be fully credited.

Sherlene Hall Bartholomew, MA International Area Studies (Am. and British History & Genealogy Research)


11 Responses to “About Sherlene Hall Bartholomew”

  1. Rebecca Sandberg Says:

    I descend from Joseph Groves b. abt 1790 m. Catherine Staley b. 1792.
    Catherine Staley’s parents were Stephen Staley and Barbara Yeasley (Barbara’s father is michael Yeasley of Rev War and Shepherdstown Va Yeasley house that still stands.
    I am very interested in your blog, since My Stephen is the son of Jacob Staley and Catherine Goering whom is related to all your staleys. He had sons Daniel, Peter etc.. so we have more names. My Staley line wound up in Cabel County VA. My Catherine and her brother Daniel wound up in Illinois.
    I am also interested because you have mentions of Graff’s/Staleys being sponsors for eachother at Kreutz Creek church. I am still trying to find my Joseph Groves parents (original name is said to be Graf/Grof etc) and wonder if my Staley Groves line, is part of the Graff/Gross line you mention.

  2. Adam Staley Groves Says:

    My name descends from a Catherine Staley and Stephanous Graeff, of Pennslyvania. (Stephen Groves). The Graeff name comes from Prussia, according to my family’s records, they settled on Graf’s Run, in Pennslyvania around or after 1823. I believe 1823 is the date Mr. Graeff came to the United States. The name Staley Groves, as far as I know, orginates from that marriage, and has carried through to Illinois, and Iowa. My great grandfather, Steven Staley Groves, I believe, was a judge in Cook Co. Illinois, he did study law in a barn, and the family had seven children, and settled in Quincy. There are family members buried in Lorainne–but I would have to get the records out. My grandfather, Jacob Staley Groves, died in 1997, and is buried in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    If you are interested in sharing information about the Staley Groves name, please contact me.

  3. Rebecca A Groves Says:

    Dear Adam Staley Groves,
    If you descend from Judge Stephen Staley Groves, from Adams co IL, then you are from my same family line. See the note from Rebecca Sandberg above.
    Steven Staley Groves, husband of Delia Shriver? is the son of Steven S Groves and Margaret Campbell, he being the son of Joseph Groves and Catherine Staley. Stephen Sr, was born in Cabell county WV (then Va) in 1818.
    Your line goes back from the Staley’s and the Groves much further than 1823, and this line also says settled on Graf’s run.
    Please contact me as I am sure this is your line.
    And yes, this line Includes a Jacob S Groves who died in 1997 in Linn co Iowa.
    Groves.becky *at gmail

  4. John Staley Groves Says:

    My Father was Jacob Staley Groves from Cedar Rapids, Iowa formerly Quincy, IL Adams County. Adam Staley Groves is my son. Adam sent this to me and it is really good to learn more about family.
    Thanks for responding to him .

  5. Lienhard-Staeheli Ursula Says:

    i found you and hope we can find some peaple together in our genealogie.
    maby you have time to see on my homepage and look in ahnenforschung.
    before a view years ago i contaktet with shan stahly and we found a little peace together.
    maby with you too?
    hope you understand my english. it’s not the best, but hopefully.
    with my best regards and hope we find someone

    ursi lienhard-staeheli from switzerland


  6. Ann Larsen Says:

    Sherlene, I’ve visited your website about the Yocums. We spent a week in Kentucky and copied a lot of pages from various libraries about them, many handwritten. I’m curious to know if you ever found a copy of the picture of Parthena and Isaac Turnbaugh. I’m a descendant through this couple and I’d love to get a copy somehow. Thanks, Ann

  7. Peter R Staley Says:

    Looks like Peter Staley (m to Eve ___ abt 1791) is my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Thanks for this website! I’m still sifting through it. How can I contact the Katherine Staley often mentioned for the latest consensus on the PA Staley’s of the 1700’s?

  8. jane Says:

    I am a descendant of Michael Yeasley and would love to find information
    about his ancestors. I am not 100 % sure that Nichlaus and Julianna are his parents. He was born 1730 and died 1808. COuld you please email me and let me know if you have parents for him who are NOT Nichlaus and Julianna?
    Thanks You

  9. Robert Says:

    Searching for more information on my Barbara Staley/ Shehli that married a Stewart, resided Pennsylvania.

  10. Robert Says:

    Should read Stehli/ Staley above.

  11. schufford Says:


    I am Steven Craig Hufford, descendant of Christian Hoffarth, husband of Elizabeth Keim married about 1745; their oldest son Christian Jr., you mention, was your mother’s gg grandfather. Feel free to write at schufford@gmail.com. I’m also happy to share my Ancestry.com tree with you, though it is a vast work in progress. I have done a lot of work on FamilySearch, as well, though, not being able to download GedComs makes it a bit of a liability for me. As a non-member of the LDS, I do no have a Membership ID, and therefore, Ancestry is quite expensive… So I do what I can, when I can do it. One day, I’ll track down my ward president, and see about the possibility of obtaining a non-member Register Number… LOL. I’m in Saint Louis.

    Thank you for your extensive notes.

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