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Melcher Staley (1792-1859), s/o Peter II and Eve __, m. 1) Sarah or “Sally” Kemper/Camper, on 20 Oct 1815, in Virginia, and 2) Eve Stumbaugh, on 23 Jan 1846, in Ohio, of Berkeley and Botetourt Counties, in Virginia, and Pickaway, Logan, and Allen Counties, in Ohio

February 7, 2007

NAME/SPELLING:  Christian name is spelled “Melcher” in German/Swiss records, but was sometimes transcribed as Melchoir, Melkire, Melkor, or Michal by usually English scribes on this continent.  Allen County History & Representative Citizens, edited and compiled by Charles C. Miller, assisted by Samuel A. Baxter (photocopy sent to shb by Katherine Staley), p. 45, gave him a nickname “Wilkes,” which may be a poor transcription of “Melcher.”  This history reports that “Wilkes was a farmer and conversed almost entirely in the German language.”  –shb 12 Aug 2000

STALEY FAMILY TRAITS:  See notes of Patricia Row’s grandmother Grace Pearl Staley, my Legacy ID No. 25684, and also of Isaiah Staley’s daughter Eve, ID 25683, along with other family descendants, to learn that the Staleys were good looking, intelligent (even “genius” level), good mathematicians, skilled woodcrafters, artistic, creative with needlework, great at sports, and witty.  –shb 10 Jul 2000

1787 OR 1792–BIRTH/DEATH/MARRIAGES/MIGRATIONS/BROTHER PETER:  We knew that our ancestor Peter Jr. (m. Hannah Hall) had a brother Melcher, but that was all (this can get confusing, because Peter’s father, Peter Sr., also had a brother Melcher, whose wife was Catherine).  Thanks to Dan Myer, I was referred to Katherine Staley, whose report, “Descendants of Peter Staley  1767-1999,” was sent shb by Mrs. Staley on 16 Mar 2000.  It provides Melcher’s birth year and place as 1792 [I had it recorded as 1787–shb] in Virginia, his death date and place, the names of both his wives (including birth year, place, marriage year, place, death date, place for Sarah Camper).  Since then I again searched the 1850 Lima Twp., Allen, Ohio Federal Census (Roll 657, HBLL), and there found “Melcher” and his second wife Eve Strumbaugh (who in this census is listed as ten years older than Melcher, b. in Pennsylvania), living with Jacob Stumbaugh.  Here Melcher is listed as 63 years old and born in Virginia, which would place his birth at 1787, though the census is often off a few years.  –shb 18 Mar 2000, 7 Apr 2000

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Melcher or Melchoir Staley’s place of birth is given as “Berkeley County, Virginia,” on the Charles Glenn Petersen genealogy website, accessed by shb, at his invitation, 27 Feb 2005.  Before this, I just had his place of birth as Virginia (I do not know his documentation for this).  –shb

1810 CENSUS–All Ohio censuses for 1810 are lost, except for Washington County.  There is no mention of Melcher in Berkeley and Botetourt Counties, in Virginia, in the 1810 censuses (see brother Peter’s notes for these lists, as forwarded by Barry D. Wood, 6 Nov 2006).  –shb 6 Nov 2006

1812–WAR OF 1812 VOLUNTEER, according to Katherine Staley, “Descendants of Peter Staley 1767-1999,” sent shb 16 Mar 2000.  –shb 18 Mar 2000

1815–“MICHAL STALEY” MARRIES SARAH CAMPER/KEMPER, IN BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA:  Botetourt County Marriages, 1770-1853, by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Vol. I (Athena, Georgia:  Iberian Publishing Co., 1987), p. 282:  “STALEY, Michal [sic–shb] & Sarah Camper 17 Oct 1815; d John b- David Camper who test. age of bride as over 21  min- John Helms – 19 Jul 1815.”  –shb 26 Feb 2001

1815–MARRIAGE:  Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell (Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1985), p. 44:  “Staley, Malcher, and Sarah Camper, dau. John Camper–Oct. 20, 1815.”  –shb 4 Mar 2001  [Note:  On the Charles Glenn Petersen website, it states:  “Melchoir and Saley [KEMPER] married 19 Oct. 1815 in Botetourt County, Virginia.”  Perhaps the 19th was the day of license, and the 20th, the actual marriage–shb.]

BRIDE OVER AGE TWENTY-ONE/RELATIVE DAVID:  Marriage, as posted by “Ann” on “Staleys of Botetourt, Va.,” posted 14 Jun 2004, as found and forwarded to shb by Kathryn Lones Pyles:  “Michal [sic–should be “Melcher”–shb] and Sarah Camper 17 Oct 1815 [I had their m. as 20 Oct 1815–shb] d/o John b. David Camper [don’t know his relationship to Sarah/Sally–shb] who test age of bride as over 21.”  –shb 23 Aug 2005

1820–IN PICKAWAY COUNTY, OHIO:  Census note forwarded 7 Dec 2005, by Katherine Lones Pyles to shb:

(made in 1810 from land in ROSS <>/FAIRFIELD <>/FRANKLIN <; CO, OHIO
MIKEL SALERS, PAGE 160 Saullcreek
JACOB SALLERS, PAGE 161 Saullcreek
Bosten CULP, page 160 Saullcreek
Heney CULP, page 161 Saullcreek
Peter CULP, page 160 Saullcreek
Thomas CUNNIGAN, page 175 Harrison twn
Wm STREET, page 178 Jackson twp=300010-1211101
SAMUEL HOLLEM = 2 males over 45 and female 16/26
MELKIAH STALEY=100011-1001101 [sic–that’s how it reads–shb]
Wm Southward, page 177 Jackson twp
Wm Southward, page 184, Deercreak twp”  In trying to decipher these numbers, I try to place family members, as follows:

The male under age 5 is Peter, b. 1819; the female under age five, Mahala, b. 1817; the other two children I have for Melcher and Sally–Caroline, b. 1821, and Lucinda or Lucretia, b. 1823, show up in the next census, when the family still lives in Pickaway County.  By my record, Sally Kemper would have been age thirty in 1820 and Melcher, twenty-eight, so the other numbers don’t make much sense, though I do think this 1820 Census listing refers to Melcher and Sarah/Sally (Camper/Kemper).  –shb 7 Dec 2005

1824–SELLS LAND IN PICKAWAY COUNTY, OHIO:  See full deed detail from Jane Hall in 1835 notes of James Thompson, ID 718 [since copyed over to 1835 notes, below–shb] who purchased land from William C. Hall & Elizabeth [Oulry–shb] his wife, land originally owned by Ann B. West, with boundaries involving Peter Staley [several times–shb], John Barnes, James M. Hall, and Ann B. West . . . “It being the same land sold to me by one Melcher Staley by title bond dated 18 Jan. 1824 & it being the same land deeded by Guy W. Doan and Charlotte his wife to William C. Hall dated 27 December 1828.”  –shb 20 Mar 2002

1826–SETTLES ESTATE OF A PETER STALEY IN VIRGINIA?  A “Malachi” Staley (my ID 27138) settled the estate of a Peter Staley (ID 27636) in Jefferson County, Virginia.  My problem is that I cannot find a Peter Staley in my family who died abt. 1826, but this could have been some other relative.  This definitely bears additional research.  –shb 1 Jul 2002

1830 CENSUS–LIVES IN PICKAWAY COUNTY, OHIO:  Jackson Township, Pickaway County, Ohio Federal Census (Roll 138, searched 7 Apr 2000 by shb at the HBLL, BYU), p. 89, lists (in order) . . . Nancy Ellis, John Fisher Jr., Absalom Fisher [Evick, Renick, or Rerrick?– as confused about name as Clarinda?–shb], Peter Steely Sen. [ID 459, m. Eve–Melcher’s parents and my ancestors–shb], Peter Steely Jr. [RIN 50, m. Hannah, Melcher’s brother–also my ancestors], and next listed is:

Melchor Steely, Peter Jr.’s brother (1 male aged 10-15 [Peter–shb]
1 male 30-40 [Melcher]
2 females 5-10 [Caroline and Lucinda]
1 female 10-15 [Mahala]
1 female 30-40 -[fits age for Sally–so this census listing seems to be a perfect match].

Next listed in this census is Joseph Hall [ID 7353, m. Sarah or Sally, Melcher’s sister], and next is Peter Richardson [see ID 44271].  –shb 4 May 2000

1833–OF LOGAN COUNTY, OHIO/BOUGHT ALLEN COUNTY LAND:  See 1832 notes of Peter Staley Sen., ID 459, and 1834 notes of Jeremiah Ennis [has also been transcribed Evans, Evic–shb], ID 31627, for layout of land bought by “STALEY, Melcher – Logan Co O” in 1833, in Section 21, and the layout of his neighbors.  –shb 4 Feb 2002  [Note from Katherine Staley to shb, 5 Jul 2003:  “SE1/4 of the SE1/4 of section 21, 41A was Melcher’s original land purchase in 1833.”  Land to the west owned by Peter, Melcher’s bro.”  –shb 10 Jul 2003

1834–ON JACKSON TWP. TAX LIST:  See notes of Melcher’s father Peter, ID 459, for full list of heads of household in Jackson, Allen, Ohio, who were assessed in 1834. Names, in order, surrounding Melcher were:  David Rumbaugh, William Reese, William Roberts,J. Rumbaugh, James Rumbaugh, William Rains, John Staley, Jacob Staley, Peter Staley, Jr., Melchoir [sic] Staley, Peter Staley, Robert Snodgrass, David Sasseton, Lemuel Tucker, William Watt, James Watt.  –shb 25 Mar 2002  [See full 1834 Assessment Roll, below]:

1834–ON JACKSON TOWNSHIP, ALLEN, OHIO ASSESSMENT ROLL:  Information forwarded to shb by Kathryn Lones Pyles, 29 Sep 2003:  “The following assessment roll made in 1834 by Samuel Black, Auditor of Allen County is selected for the reason that it is the oldest record of assessments which Auditor Poling was able to discover among the old books in his office.

“JACKSON 1834 [full caps mine–shb]:
“Alex Allison, Mathew Allison, Jacob Bresler, George Balsinger, George Barber, Hector Carlisle, John Carlisle, John Claybaugh, James Carter, Chancey Curtiss, Jacob Elder, Eyre Edgecomb, Urich Edgecomb, Jeremiah Evans, Tethro Fisher, Silas Faurot, Jacob Hawk, Anthony Hall, Richard Hall, Joseph Hall, James Hall, James W Hall, John Jamieson, Samuel Jamieson, Elijah Jones, Samuel McCafferty, Benjamin Meek, Joseph Mash, Samuel McClure, Moses McClure, George May, William Neeley, Elizabeth Neeley, Thomas Nash, Silas Osman, Enos Paulin, Samuel Patterson, James Prosser, John Robinson, William Rumbaugh, David Rumbaugh, William Reese, William Roberts, J. Rumbaugh, James Rumbaugh, William Raines, John Staley, Jacob Staley, Peter Staley Jr, MELCHOIR STALEY, Peter Staley, Robert Snodgrass, David Sasseton, Lemuel Tucker, William Watt, James Watt, Adam White, Tobias Woods, Samuel Watt, Joseph G Walton, Daniel Woolett, Abram Ward, William Ward, John B Walton, Joseph Ward, Phillip Woolett, George White.

“The assessed value of lands in Jackson in 1834 was $472, one steam-mill valued at $160, value of personal property $3,800. Total tax levied$57.53.”  (Source: History of Allen County Ohio Chicago:Warner, Beer & Co 1885 Pages 233-234 Jackson Township Assessment Role of 1834 Wapakoneta Public Library, Wapakoneta Ohio.) –shb 29 Sep 2003


1835–WILLIAM C. HALL AND WIFE ELIZABETH [OULRY/OLLERY] DEED PICKAWAY COUNTY LAND TO JAMES THOMPSON [RIN 718] THAT BORDERS PETER STALEY LAND:  [Note:  See below for 1840 Census that enumerates three generations of Peter Staleys living in the same household–this deed does not distinguish among the three generations of adult Peter Staleys and their land–shb.]  Deed info. courtesy of Jane Hall, sent shb 20 Mar 2002 [name caps mine–shb]  “Pickaway Co., OH Deeds, Book 13, page 359, 16 October 1835 – WILLIAM C. HALL & ELIZABETH HIS WIFE to JAMES THOMPSON — $400 — Originally owned by ANN B. WEST — 120-1/2 Acres — Survey No. 6223 – Beginning at Southwesterly corner of said lot of land at a hickory and two White Oaks in the Westerly side of said Survey, thence running North 72 degrees 144 poles East to a stake in a White Oak stump North of PETER STALEY’S house, thence North 18 degrees 136 poles West to a burr Oak, Elder & Ash at the Southwest corner of a lot sold to JOHN BARNES in the same survey, thence North 92 degrees 144 poles West to two Burr oaks, a White & hickory, thence South 18 degrees 136 poles East to the place of beginning — and bounded on the West by land of JAMES M. HALL, on the South by lands of ASABEL RENICK [This may be one clerk’s version of “Absalom Evick,” my ID 561, who in 1834 m. Mahala Staley, dau. of Melcher Staley and Sarah/Sally Camper, Melcher the son of my ancestors Peter Staley I and wife Eve.   Absalom was the son of Christian Evick and Sarah Fisher, who may have been the parents of ancestor Clarinda “Evick” Fisher (there was, however, a “Renick” family in the area, according to the clerks)–shb] & PETER STALEY, on the East and North by lands lately owned by ANN B. WEST and now owned by JAMES M. HALL & PETER STALEY. It being the same land sold to me by one MELCHER STALEY by title bond dated 18 January 1824 & it being the same land deeded by GUY W. DOAN and CHARLOTTE HIS WIFE to WILLIAM C. HALL dated 27 December 1828.”  [Note from shb:  My ancestor Peter Staley Jr.’s wife Hannah Hall died in 1844.  In the 1840 Census, Peter Jr. and Hannah had moved in with Peter Sr., probably to help the widower father.]

Jane Hall continues letter of 20 Mar 2002:  “(Guy W. Doan & wife to Wm. C. Hall – Bk. H, page 389) I do need to mention that Barbara (West) Hall was living with son George in Pickaway Co., Jackson Twp in 1850. So the two Williams could not be the same.  [Paragraph]  George West’s Will (Vol. 1, page 186-193) 25 Feb. 1823 lists his children: Sary Bartley, Elizabeth Blue, John West, Peter West, Margaret Metsler, Mary Magdalena Bright, Daniel West, Barbara Hall and Sarah Barley. Barbara received land. I need to go back and see what land this is.”  –shb 20 Mar 2002

1840 CENSUS–IN JACKSON, ALLEN, OHIO:  In the 1840 Census of Jackson, Allen, Ohio, “Melchior Staley” is listed as living between John Swaim and Henry Greenawalt, not far from the homes of [in order] Thomas Nash, Jacob Staley, William Hall, James F. Hall, Peter Staley, Jr., Jethro Fisher, Peter Staley, Sr., Joseph Hall, John Clabaugh, William Akerman, Joshua Swaim, David Spencer, John Swaim, and now we are to Melchior Staley.  In the Melchior Staley household are listed one male, aged 20-30 (this would have been Peter, age 25), and one male aged 40-50 (this would be Melcher, b. in 1792, who would then have been about age 48), two females aged 15-20 (Lucinda or Lucretia, age 17, and Caroline, age 19–Mahala, then age 23, had married Absalom Evick in 1834), and one female aged 50-60 (this would be Melcher’s wife Sarah or Sally Camper, who died the next year, b. 1790, so would have been about age 50 in 1840).

1846, JANUARY 23–MARRIAGE TO 2) EVE STUMBAUGH:  Date per Katherine Staley.  This then indicates that Melcher and Eve were only married four years when they were enumerated in the 1850 Jackson, Allen, Ohio Federal Census as living with Jacob Stumbaugh, age 51, farmer.  –shb 7 Apr 2000  [Note: Marriage information copied out at the Auglaize County Public Library at Wapakoneta by Kathryn Lones Pyles and sent shb, 3 Sep 2003:  “Spouse #1 – Eve Strumbaugh [sic–shb] – Spouse #2 Melcher Staley, Jan. 23, 1846.  Offficial:  J. W. Hall, JP.”  (Source – Allen County, Ohio Marriages 1831-1869, compiled by the Allen County Genealogical Society, OGS, 620 West Market Street, Lima, Allen, Ohio 45801, 1999; Page 158, Bk. 2, Pg. 097.”  –shb 28 Jun 2003, 3 Sep 2003

1847–A DAUGHTER MARGARET?  A William Craig is at the Samuel Snider estate sale of 6 May 1848, along with a Melcher (probably ID 24120–see 1848 tag, below).  I have in my database a William Craig, m. 1857 a Margaret Staley of Frederick, Maryland.  –shb  4 May 2002

1848–AT SAM SNIDER ESTATE SALE:  “List of Goods and chattles sold by M. Leatherman Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Snider Deceased of Jackson Township, Allen County Ohio, on the 6 day of May 1848,” as posted on, includes Melcher’s name, interspersed on the list for buying these items:  “Melcher Staley, 1 Single bit, .21; Melcher Staley, 10 turning chisels, 2.56; and Melcher Staley, 1 Turning Lathe, 3.62.”  Among many other names are Isaac Hefner, Abel Tompkins [Isaac Hefner’s neighbor in the 1850 Census–shb] William Suddeth [ID 24513–m. Melcher’s sister Eve], William Craig [m. Melcher’s dau. Margaret?  See 1847 tag, above], Adam Snider, John Stumbaugh [probably related to Melcher’s wife, Eve Stumbaugh], Moses Patterson [ID 31616, m. Mary Hawk in 1834], and neighbor of Isaac Hefner, Abel Tompkins.  [Note:  Katherine Staley informs us, e-letter of 5 Jul 2003 to shb, that “Samuel Snyder had Original Land in Section 5, Allen County, Ohio.”  See Samuel’s entire estate sale list below:

List of the Goods and chattles sold by M. Leatherman Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Snider Deceased of Jackson Township Allen County Ohio on the 6 day of May 1848
Purchasers Names Articles
George A. Bags 1 Meat Tub .63
Abel Tompkins 1 Do Do .31 [Abel Tompkins was a neighbor of Isaac Hefner’s–shb]
Michael Leatherman 2 Salt barrels .18 [ID 41380?  He m. Hannah Oller–shb]
John Rankins 2 hand clamps .25
Adam Snider  2 Do Do .25
Stansbury Price 1 stick of screws .18
William Craig 1 framing saw 2.35 [ID 33072?  He was b. 1804 and m. Sarah Taylor–shb]
M Leatherman 1 Mantle Clock  .90
Doctor Gates 1 Rifle gun 6.70

Adam Snider  1 shotpouch .52
Michael Leatherman 1 Drawing knife .25
Stansbury Price 1 auger and chisel .50
Do Do 4 bedrails  .7-
Do Do 4 Do Do .7-
William Craig 9 Table legs  .25
John Greenawalt 1 Bose of old iron  .42 [ID 46536–shb]
Adam Snider 4 Bench plains  6.00
Do Do 1 pair mack plans 12.00
1 Grove .52

1 Tenant saw 1.51
1 Brace bit 3.06
4 Chisels .70
2 Molding plains 1.15
1 hand axe  3.57
1 Steel square 2.12
shash plains 4.06
Adam Snider 3 Gages .26
Do Do  1 Jay Square .90

1 Do Do .70
1 Flowering gage .12
1 Rabit plain .50
1 F ? ? 2.15
1 Compass and saw .27
1 Hand saw  1.50
1 Hand saw 2.02
1 oilstone 1.00
3 Cisels 1.00
1 Chisel  .18

1 6 quarter augor .68
1 screw driver ? ? .32
1 squair .37
2 Mallets .12
1 2 inch chisel .75
1 file .24
2 gages .26
Alfred Reece  1 hand saw  1.32
William Valentine 1 tine? saw .55
Doctor Gates  1 Do Do .18

Isaac Hefner 1 Do Do .13 [ID 35395–shb]
William Craig  2 plains 2.01
Stansbury Price  3 Moulding plains 1.00
Oath P Feastor 3 Augers .75
Elias Clumm 1 ?  .62
Cash 1 Drawing knife .62
Doctor Gates 1 Do .12
Robert Guthrie  2 Hammers – – .62 [ID 42198, m. Sarah Leatherman–shb]
A W Valentine 1 Drawing Knife .19
Stansbury Price 1 Chisel .35

2 Brows & Gages .6 –
William Suddath  3 Table plains 1.68 [ID 24513–shb]
Willaim Craig 2 Molding plains 1.03
Jacob Morshel  3 Chisels 1.00
J W Candler 3 Chisels an axe .31
William Suddath 2 Molding plains .56
Gilbert Heath  4 Chisels .30
Oath P Feastor 4 screws .36
William Valentine 1 Plain bit .26

Do Do 1 Do Do .18
Do Do 1 Do Do .12
Melcher Staley 1 Single bit .21 [ID 24120–shb]
Stansbury Price 1 Molding plain .75
Wm Craig  1 Do Do .32
Stansbury Price  1 Do Do .14
Jacob Morshel  1 Do Do .12
William Craig  1 Do Do .12
Stansbury Price 1 Do Do .81
William Craig  1 Pannes plain .02

Jacob Morshel 1 Do Do .09
William Craig  1 Rabit plain .62
Melcher Staley 10 turning chisels 2.56
Oath P Feastor 1 ? shave .25
David Moyer 2 Gages .02
Oath P Feastor 2 scrapers .10
William Valentine  1 file .14
Do Do 1 Door lock .24
Do Do 1 tooth drawers .41
Wm Valentine 1 Varnish can .56

M Leatherman 1 Work bench 1.62
Adam Snider 1 Do Do 3.00
Melcher Staley 1 Turning Lathe 3.62
Michael Leatherman jr one stove and pipe 10.40
Jacob Lamphere  50 lb pickled pork 6 3.00
Hiram Leatherman  2 Lot 50 – 61/2 3.25 [ID 31624, son of Michael who m. Eliz. Hawk–shb]
Oath P Feastor 3 Lot 50 – 6 3/4 3.37
Elias Clum 4 Lot 50 6  3.00
Perry Parrot 5 Lot more or less 6 6.03

John Pasley 1 Grindstone 1.50
M Leatherman 2 Brushes .25
Jacob Lamphere  1 meat tub 2.06
Moses Patterson  1 Lot Cherry plank 1.06 [ID 31616–shb]
John Pasley 2 Lot walnut 1.88
Moses Patterson 3 Lot Cherry  1.87
Do Do  4 Lot Maple  1.12
William Suddath 5 Lot 3.40
David Moyer (?) 6 Lot 1.00 [ID 45000–shb]
Moses Patterson 7 Lot  1.00

Stansbury Price 8 Lot Scantling 2.35
John Stumbaugh 1 Mans Saddle 4.08 [ID 42167?–shb]
Daniel Leatherman 1 Bridle an martingale 1.06
Andrew Craig 1 vinager keg .63
A W Valentine Bureau mounting .39
Leonard Lonas 1 Axe .40
Robert Guthrie 1 Bottle .18
Do Do 1 Do .07
Emanuel Slister 1 Horse 50.50
? Fisher Head halter .77

William Suddath cow and calf 15.00 [ID 24513–shb]
Robert Guthrie  Spring L? .37
M Leatherman 140 Lynn boards .70

Amount taken by the widow at the Appraisment

as per list of items here with filed 41.72

Total Amount of Sale Bill $253.37

Red of Elijah Grubb and Adam Leatherman
Adm of the estate of M. Leatherman Ded. Three
dollars for preparing an account for M. Leather-
man as adm of Samuel Snyder Ded
Nov 4, 1868 T M Pott

The State of Ohio Allen County S. S.
I Michael Leatherman Administrator of the Estate
of Samuel Snyder Deceased do solemnly affirm
that the within and foregoing is a correct statement
and bill of the sale of the property of the Estate of Samuel
Snyder deceased in all respects to the best of my
knowledge and belief. M. Leatherman
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day
of May AD 1849  Richard Methany Clerk
A. C. P.

I Do certify that the foregoing list of
sale with the names of Purchasers
and article with the price ? to
their names to be correct as I
verrily believe  Elijah Grubb
All fractions of cents have been omitted by the transcriber as some of them were unclear.
Question marks and dashes were used for places where the text was unreadable.
BBL”  –shb 19 Mar 2002

NO DAUGHTER CALAMA:  See notes of ID 7350.  –shb 1 May 2001

CHILDREN:  All from Katherine Staley’s reports (see above).  –shb 18 Mar 2000

ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO LAND DEEDS:  Copied out at Lima, Allen, OH in 1976, by Ida-Rose L. Hall, whose notes I photocopied on one of my visits home, while we lived in New York:  –shb

BEFORE 1849–WIFE EVE NAMED IN LAND SALE TO THOMAS YOUNG:  Bk N, 147 – Melcher Staley & Eve his wife of co of Allen & st of Ohio to Thomas H Young for 600 in Piqua land dist SE l/4 SE l/4 of Sec 20 [apparently it was Section 21, not 20–see 1833 note above] in Twsp 3 S of Range no 8 east cont 40 Acres of Land.  [Signed] Melchoir & Eve X wit Benj H Reece, Peter Staley  (No date for deed copied out by Mom, but we do know it is 58 pages earlier than the following deed of 1849.–shb)  [Note responding to this from Katherine Staley, to shb 5 Jul 2003:  “About the other land deed of 1849, I believe you may be right in that Melcher & Eve moved in with Jacob Stumbaugh.  Although you show 300 A. that Melcher farmed in 1850 census.  Guess I will have to see the Allen Land index to figure that out.”]  –shb 7 Jul 2003

1849–MELCHER AND EVE SELL ALLEN COUNTY OHIO LAND TO PETER STALEY:  BK N pg 203 – Melcher Staley to Peter Staley.  Melcher & Eve [underlined by IRH twice], wife 150 to Peter Staley N W l/4 of sec 17 twsp 3 S of Range #8E cont 80  Acres 7 Mar 1849 – Eve Signed away Dower Rights.  [no witnesses listed, nor info. about signatures–shb].

Mom Ida-Rose Langford Hall underlined Eve’s name twice to emphasize that she was not confusing Peter’s wife Eve with Melcher’s second wife, also named Eve.  The Peter Staley mentioned in this deed was probably Melcher’s son Peter (by his first wife Sarah Camper), b. 1816 in Virginia, who m. Sarah Ransbottom 20 Apr 1843 in Allen County, Ohio (per Katherine Staley’s Mar 2000 Staley Descendancy Report), though the deed could also refer to Melcher’s brother Peter, our ancestor, who m. Hannah Hall, 5 Apr 1821 in Pickaway Co., Ohio, and d.16 Jan 1854 in Jackson, Allen, Ohio.  –shb

1850 CENSUS–A MELCHER AND EVE LIVE WITH YOUNGER JACOB STUMBAUGH:  [Note:  E-letter from Staley researcher Katherine Staley, sent shb 18 Jun 2004, says of this census entry, where Jacob Stumbaugh is 51, Melcher Staley is 63, and Eve Staley is age 73:  “This is not the Melcher who married Sarah Camper in 1815 VA.  If age is correct, this Melcher may be the possible son of Melcher, brother to Pater Staley Sr.”  Federal Census for Jackson, Allen, Ohio (BYU Harold B. Lee Library Roll 657), census p. 266, searched by shb 7 Apr 2000, lists as family 443 Jacob Stumbaugh 51M Farmer of 500 acres, b. in Pennsylvania; Melcher Staley 63 [sic–if my birth date for Melcher is correct, he would have actually been age 58–shb (but here, in light of what Katherine wrote, I may be confusing Melchers)] M, Farmer of 300 acres, b. in Virginia; Eve Staley, 73F [sic], b. in Pennsylvania.  Family 442 is headed by Solomon Miller, Blacksmith; family 445, a Richard Gilbert, age 32, and family.  I do not know who this Jacob Stumbaugh is–usually elderly parents would be living with a child.  Were Jacob Eve’s illeg. son, she would have been age 22 at his birth in 1799, when her later husband Melcher was only 12 years old and not yet even married to his first wife Sarah Camper (m. Sarah 1815 in Botetourt Co., Virginia, per Katherine Staley Descendancy Report of March 2000).  I think, though, that it was probable that Eve had an earlier marriage to a Stumbaugh.   If these ages, as listed, are correct, then Melcher was probably selling land to his son Peter at his age 62 and Eve’s 72, as they planned to move in with Jacob Stumbaugh. –shb [Again, all this thinking may be way off, with my confusing Melcher Staleys, but I leave the thinking in, for future evaluation–shb.]  –shb 20 Jun 2004

This 1850 Census also accessed on  “Start Fragment – [line]

1, 443 Shumbaugh [sic–shb], Jacob, 51M, Farmer, b. Pennsylvania, 500;
2, 443 Staley, Melchor, 63M, Farmer, 300, b. Virginia;
3, 443 Staley, Eve, 73F, b. Pennsylvania;
4, 445 Gilbert, Richard, 32M, Farmer, Lower Canada;
Anna, 24F, b. Ohio, as are children
7; Delila,
5; Josiah, 4 [no doubt named after Josiah Gilbert, age 68 in this census–shb]; Susannah, 4/12.  Next family is that of David Spencer, age 43, b. MD.  –shb 8 Sep 2001  [Note:  The entire 1850 Census is copied over in notes of Peter Staley, RIN 50–shb.]

1859–DEATH AT AGE 66/BURIAL:  Date, county, and burial location, per Katherine Staley.  I only had that he died in Allen County, Ohio, so was interested that Melcher’s place of death is given on the Charles Glenn Petersen website as “Lafayette, Jackson, Allen, Ohio.”  –shb 27 Feb 2005


Dorothea Stehli, d/o Jacob and Ana Eva __ (m. Johann Michael Kuhn or Gohn), d. aft 26 Oct 1783, of Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania

January 24, 2007

RELATIONSHIP:  Dorothea is currently believed to be the sister of Peter Staley I [numbers are my designation–shb], 4th great-grandfather of Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter, compiler of these notes), who married Sarah Salome ___.  Their son, Peter II, was b. 28 Nov 1756, probably in Pennsylvania, d. 10 Jul 1844 in Jackson, Allen, Ohio, m. Eve____, b. 4 Sep 1765, d. 1 May 1851, Jackson, Allen, Ohio.  I am also descended from their son, Peter III, b. 19 Jan 1794 in Berkeley County, Virginia, m. 26 May 1821 in Pickaway Co., Ohio, d. 24 Jun 1844. and wife, Hannah (Hall).

PARENTS:  For a while I thought that Dorothea was a daughter of Jacob’s son Peter, but Katherine Staley reminds me that the record does call Anna Eva Dorothea’s daughter Magdalena’s “grandmother,” (I was thinking the clerk could have been mistaken and not known she was a great-grandmother).  Katherine refers me to p. 21 of her Stehly report (looking at the indenture for Peter Stailey [m. Sarah Salome] that “states that Peter Stailey left
to survive him, – Jacob Stailey, Melchor Stailey, Peter Stailey, Saray Stailey, the Younger, and Sarah Stailey, the widow.”  The wording does seem to leave out the possibility that Dorothea  was a child of Peter and Sarah Salome and already got her estate (my last hope).
So, I am rearranging my database to place Dorothea as a daughter of Jacob and Ana Eva, which means that when my ancestor Peter [II] was orphaned (when his father Peter died, abt. 1777), and Peter chose Michael Kuhn, Dorothea’s husband, as his guardian, he was then choosing his aunt and uncle. –shb 26 Nov 2006

1772–FATHER JACOB DONATES LAND TO REFORMED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN CHANCEFORD, YORK, PA:  In 1772, a statement was prepared by “We, Lutheran and Reformed members of the congregation, united with one another to build a common church on Jacob Stehli’s land, which church shall remain Reformed and Lutheran so long as sun and moon exist…” (in Chanceford, York, PA), gathered, and first on the list of those ready to pledge for the chapel’s erection was “Jacob Staehly, Jr.” Since a Jacob Sr. was found in “late” condition, leaving his widow Ana Eva as a Stehli’s Church communicant, in Sep 1775, I am concluding that Jacob Sr.’s contribution to the Church was the land and Jacob, Jr. was his son (no other Jacob Stehleys in records, except as new births). Lists are given for Evangelical and Reformed, and I determined that this family were “Reformed.” –shb [Note:  See notes of Jacob’s brother Stephen for documentation that Stephen donated one acre of his land, 8 Dec 1772, “for the use of the ‘Lutherien and Reformeret Congregations’.]  –shb 2 Dec 2006

ABT. 1777–BROTHER, PETER I, DIES, POSSIBLY WHILE IN REVOLUTIONARY WAR SERVICE–DOROTHEA TAKES IN FOURTEEN-YEAR OLD PETER.  According to Orphans Court papers ordered by Katherine Staley and information from them forwarded by her to shb, Peter I’s son, my ancestor Peter II, asked that Michael Kuhn, Dorothy’s husband, be his legal guardian (though no doubt Dorothea was the main one watching after the fourteen year-old).  Peter’s brother Melchior chose his paternal uncle Stephen Staley to be his guardian.  –shb 26 Nov 2006

1780–SPONSOR FOR STEHLY BAPTISM:  Dorothea and husband Michel were sponsors for the baptism of Jacob, son of Jacob Stehly and Elizabeth at Stehley’s Church, Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania.  Since Salome Staley, widow of Peter I, was sponsor for Dorothea and Michel’s daughter Salome’s baptism the following year, it is my guess that Dorothea and Michel stood, in Peter’s absence, as sponsors for the baptism of a nephew.  –shb 10 Apr 2000


1782, MARCH 24–“DOROTHEA” AND HUSBAND “MICHEL GOHN” ARE SPONSORS AT BAPTISM OF NEPHEW JOHAN GEORG GOHN/KUHN:  York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. I, Compiled and Edited by Marlene Strawsser Bates and F. Edward Wright (Westminster, Maryland:  Family Line Publications, 1991), p. 230:  “Johan Georg of Adam Gohn and Cathar., born November 9, 1781, baptized March 24, 1782.  Sponsors:  Michel Gohn and Dorothea.”  –shb 10 Apr 2000

1782, 24 MARCH, 1783–MAIDEN NAME STALEY (STEHLY, STEHLI)/GENERATION LINKED TO GRANDPARENTS THROUGH GRANDMOTHER SPONSOR:  This conclusion is based on the fact that when Johann Michel Gohn and Dorothea’s daughter Magdalena was baptized in 1783, the sponsor was “Eva Stehlissin, the grandmother.”  That same day of 24 March, Michel Gohn and Dorothea were sponsors for the baptism of Johan George of Adam Gohn (Johann Michel’s brother) and Cathar.  –shb 10 Apr 2000

1783–BIRTH/BAPTISM/PARENTS/GRANDMOTHER:  York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. I, Compiled and Edited by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright (Westminster, Maryland:  Family Line Publications, 1991), p. 231:  “Magdalena of Johann Michel and Dorothea, born September 26, 1783, baptized October 26, 1783.  Sponsors:  Ewa Stehlisin (Stehli), grandmother.”  (See notes of grandmother Ewa Stehlisin [Stehli], my Legacy ID No. 3308). –shb 10 Apr 2000

1783, OCTOBER 26–BAPTISM CONFIRMED:  From e-note by Katherine Staley to shb, 25 Nov 2006:  “Found John Michael in the Tax List of 1783 for Chanceford Twp.  He had 259 acres of land. [New paragraph, but continuing with same source, I gather–shb] p. 12, I find a Magdalena, daughter of ‘Johann Michel and Dorothea,’ baptized 26 Oct 1783 and sponsored by ‘Eva Stehliesin, the grandmother’ (Ana Eva Stehli was the widow of the late Jacob Sr. and the only other Eva Stehli of that age found on these records.”  –shb 26 Nov 2006